What is the role of a Treasurer?

As a Treasurer, you will be responsible for managing and overseeing the income and expenditures of a business. In this role, other duties will include managing cash flow, assessing financial risks, ensuring that the company adheres to relevant tax regulations, and protecting a company’s finances.


  • Provide guidance on company finance issues

  • Create budgets and keep track of expenditure

  • Assessing risks associated with various company projects, including acquisitions and refinancing

  • Carrying out risk evaluations for a variety of business ventures

  • Oversee the business’s investment activities and make relevant decisions

  • Maintaining relationships with banks and rating agencies

  • Develop financial strategies and policies

  • Present reports on the company’s current financial condition with financial projections

  • Managing receipts, banking, and protecting company funds, securities, and financial products

  • Ensuring adherence to tax laws and industry standards

Tech Stack

  • MS Office

  • SAP

  • Oracle

Related Jobs

  • Investment Analyst

  • Risk Manager

  • Financial Analyst


  • Previous experience as a treasurer or in a similar role

  • Extensive knowledge of financial legislation, regulation, and practices

  • Great understanding of the financial market, investment management, and financing methods

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to negotiate and make decisions

  • A strong mathematical background and the ability to work with financial data and analytics

  • Be well organised and trustworthy