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Our unique combination of specialist expertise, high-growth experience, and an international network means we’re uniquely positioned to support our customers with their specific business needs.

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Our services

We provide talent solutions across tech, digital, and change. We help you build capability, scale at pace, and deliver transformation through recruitment and resource augmentation.

Recruitment and Executive

  • Campaign hiring
  • Retained hiring
  • MSP (managed service programme)
  • Contingent hiring
  • RFP (request for proposal)
  • Executive search
  • Interim management

Technology training

  • Tech training programmes
  • Graduate placements
  • Future talent pipelines
  • Diverse and highly selective network
  • Ongoing engagement

Bespoke talent solutions

  • Project consulting
  • Resource augmentation
  • Outcomes-based delivery
  • Statement of work
  • Blended teams
  • Due diligence

Talent advisory

  • Talent strategy
  • Organisation design
  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Reference checks
  • CV building
  • NDAs
  • Onboarding
  • Right to work
  • IR35 advisory

How we partner with you

Establishing long-term partnerships is vital in understanding our customers’ evolving business challenges, and in pinpointing the areas where our talent solutions can make the most significant impact.

We’ve adapted our service offerings to better suit your needs, providing talent from the classroom to the boardroom, at every level, across a range of specialisms and industries.

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“La Fosse were an amazing help in finding a job for me. They found a position that was the perfect fit, gave incredibly useful tips for interviews, and helped negotiate a higher salary from the employer. Great team, great communication, and I would definitely get in touch with them again if/when I’m looking for another position.”

– Callum Gibson

Our specialisms

Our teams work across all sectors and all levels, from technical and individual contributor roles to C-suite, leadership, and management positions.

Engineering, Data, Digital, & Product

Change & Transformation

Commercial, Finance, & Operations

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Our industries

Each of our specialist areas is overseen by a dedicated team of experts with extensive industry knowledge and market understanding, ensuring your specific business needs are met.

Covering technology, media, and telecommunications, companies within the TMT industry are at the heart of transformation. New technologies such as AI, the metaverse, cloud computing, 5G, and IoT are setting the pace for media content producers, software companies, hardware providers, and communication specialists in this dynamic and evolving industry.

  • Our experience working with B2B technology companies gives our teams the expertise to help secure top technology talent. We understand that people who create and develop innovative products and services are central to long-term business growth. That’s why we work closely with our customers to identify and place talent with the creative and technical skill sets they need.
  • Comprising a diversity of platforms, distribution channels, telecoms services, and publishing outlets, the media communications landscape is vast. To stay ahead, businesses need content creators, PR professionals, and digital marketing experts to inform, educate, and persuade. Our commercial hires team applies its expert industry knowledge to place value-adding candidates in a wide range of media and communications positions.
  • The telecoms industry is awash with opportunities and challenges, in equal measure. The dawn of 5G infrastructure, the rapid expansion of IoT, and a new era of connectivity technologies give rise to an increasing demand for fresh talent. Our hiring teams find telecoms specialists with a combination of technical and soft skills to help businesses drive emerging technologies.

Spanning each of these industries is the ongoing demand to keep up with rapid technological advancements to maintain a competitive edge and grow profitably. TMT businesses need to be versatile and improve products and services regularly. The fast-pace and complexity of technology means they can struggle to find and retain talent with the skills they need to thrive. By working together with our customers, we build knowledgeable teams that are proactive, adaptive, and responsive.

The industrial and energy industry is a major contributor to the UK economy. Diverse and constantly developing, energy companies are responsible for the sale, extraction, production, and supply of both fossil-fuel and renewable energy sources. Meeting new demands and sustainability goals, manufacturing and infrastructure development also form an important part of an industry rich in innovation.

  • Innovation and sustainability are essential for the future of the energy and climate sector. Partnering with our customers to leverage progression, our associates draw on their extensive experience to source crucial talent, from renewable energy engineers to solution architects and change policy analysts.
  • Productivity, time to market, and new technology are at the forefront of modern manufacturing. Increasing consumer expectations dictate the very rhythm of the industry, and manufacturing companies need to keep up. Our experience in hiring for manufacturing roles helps us align specific capabilities and skills with these new market demands.
  • The infrastructure sector is growing. This expansion has resulted in an increasing need for talent with expertise in large-scale developments and a firm grasp of its complex regulatory landscape. Our thorough understanding of the infrastructure market means our associates are adept in finding candidates with the technical skills and experience needed to build and maintain the systems and structures of the future.
  • The management of increasingly complex supply chains and the streamlining of processes are crucial to the success of logistics operations. We use our knowledge and collaborative approach to identify individuals with the technical abilities and knowledge to drive efficiencies and improve processes.

New government policy demands and the global sustainability agenda continue to drive momentum in the industrial and energy industry. To seize the opportunities and address the challenges, companies within it need to be responsive and effective. Our in-depth understanding of the industrial and energy landscape allows us to quickly identify, assess, and assign talented innovators, expert leaders, and reliable support teams needed to optimise progress in the industry.

The UK’s healthcare industry is a large and multi-layered system incorporating both private and public healthcare providers. It provides a range of services, from primary and social care to mental health services, hospital care, and public health initiatives. As one of the biggest public healthcare organisations in the world, the UK’s National Health Service is also one of the most respected. Post-pandemic, the private healthcare market in the UK is also experiencing growing service demand.

  • HealthTech is a rapidly expanding vertical in healthcare. We work with companies leading the way with digital solutions and new technologies to transform health care delivery and patient outcomes. Software developers, data analysts, and product management specialists are critical to success. By working together with our customers, we identify and attract the best HealthTech talent.
  • Driving medical progress is at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry. Working with some of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies, and using our extensive network, we find the drug development, regulatory affairs, and research and development specialists needed to further progress in the industry.
  • Sharing knowledge and providing expert guidance are fundamental to growth and successful patient care. Our specialists bring their experience and collaborative approach to identify and place a range of experts in the fields of management, strategy, and healthcare IT.

Despite the challenges of increased service demand, workforce shortages, and rising healthcare costs, the industry is a hub of innovation. Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, remote patient monitoring, and data integration are just some of the technologies presenting new opportunities. To capitalise on innovation and shape the future of this essential industry, healthcare providers need access to a diverse pool of expertise, skills, and knowledge.

The UK consumer industry is expansive and varied. Operating within it are retail, e-commerce, food production, entertainment, sports, and hospitality businesses, all of which provide goods and services to consumers.

  • Our industry experts work with businesses and brands producing a broad range of consumer goods. We help our food and beverage, personal care, and homecare customers identify top leadership, sales, marketing, and product development talent to push their efforts forward.
  • We work with leading retailers and online businesses, securing talent to improve operations, optimise merchandising, and enhance the customer experience. Our network of retail professionals allows us to introduce the most suitable and qualified candidates.
  • We have access to a trusted network of talent in the travel, hospitality, and leisure industry. Our team understands the unique needs of our customers, enabling us to source candidates with abilities that match their business ambitions.
    Our experience with entertainment and sports industry hires helps us recognise the best talent for roles in marketing, event management, and production. Our hiring strategy allows us to secure the right fit for our customers in this highly competitive field.
  • An environment of high-volume sales and fast product turnover, the FMCG industry needs supply chain management, quality assurance, and new product development specialists to keep pace. We work alongside leading FMCG companies, utilising our industry expertise and professional network to attract a broad scope of FMCG talent.
  • The fashion, beauty, and wellness industries continue to flourish. This growth brings a rising need for experts able to respond to new consumer expectations. We identify and attract a wide variety of fashion, beauty, and health industry specialists for roles in merchandising, buying, design, and marketing.
  • Financial, healthcare, and home services must also navigate an evolving consumer environment. The nature of how we pay for products, approach our well-being, and spend our leisure time are changing, and companies need skilled individuals to further their adaptation.

Consumer-focussed businesses face increased competition, fluctuating consumer behaviour, economic uncertainty and, often, skills scarcity. However, as a source of bold innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, the industry is working hard to address the challenges by onboarding capable and talented teams.

Professional services businesses form a large and diverse industry in the UK. Defined by a provision of knowledge and expertise, it contains a variety of sub-sectors including legal, insurance, accounting, banking, asset and investment management, regulatory, digital, and consultancy. Boosted by digital development, further growth is expected in the industry.

  • Within asset management and investment, our professional services associates use expert hiring strategies to help deliver a range of specialised technological, business, and regulatory transformation projects to customers within retail, wealth management, hedge fund management, and banking.
  • Our team works alongside various banking, FinTech, and challenger banking businesses, sourcing individuals with the right skills to roll out key technology and compliance programmes in areas such as ring-fencing, opening banking, and banking licence applications.
  • We work with a broad scope of multidisciplinary teams across management consultancy, legal, and accountancy sectors. Collaborating with key professional services businesses, we source the talent needed to support transformation initiatives in the fields of HR, digital, risk, regulatory, and new software implementation.
  • Our regulatory knowledge and experience within the insurance industry allows us to deliver new processes and platforms. Our professional services team also helps deliver transformation programmes across reinsurance, Lloyds of London, Life and Pension, and InsurTech sectors.
  • Our teams also work with customers spanning the entire business services domain. We attract and hire professionals to assist with knowledge management, innovation, and practice management programmes in both established law firms and niche practices.

Regulatory developments, mounting global competition, and a shift in customer expectations control the tempo of the professional services industry. Our proactive, and tailored approach to sourcing resilient and adaptable talent helps address these challenges, achieve growth, and release new potential for professional services organisations.

The financial services industry is a chief contributor to the UK economy, with London firmly established as a leading global financial centre. Competitive, strictly regulated, and a significant source of employment, it comprises a variety of banking, insurance, and investment management services.

  • The rise of digital technologies and online payment solutions has prompted a thriving FinTech sector. We collaborate with our customers to place a breadth of FinTech talent, from software and blockchain developers, to data scientists, security analysts, and project managers.
  • Banking and markets organisations depend on a diversity of skills and expertise to meet the needs of both individual and corporate customers. Our solid experience in investment banking, trading, and risk management allows us to identify individuals who can add value in this influential sector.
  • Impacted by ever-changing technology, the insurance sector requires individuals who are able to deliver the enhanced products, processes, and platforms their customers are growing to expect. Our team supports transformation programmes across Lloyds of London, reinsurance, Life and Pensions, and InsurTech sectors.
  • We know that specialist knowledge is indispensable for Wealth and Asset Management services. Our thorough understanding of the sector helps us attract and secure high-level, experienced professionals to leverage their customers’ financial future.

Significant economic and political developments have made their mark on financial services companies. However, with a renewed focus on customer experience, and the introduction of digital technologies, a hotbed of innovation has come to the fore.

New processes, technology, and regulations are driving competition for top talent in the industry, reinforcing our focus on forging long-term partnerships with customers. Our collaborative approach helps us build and develop exceptional teams delivering a full scope of technology, business, and regulatory transformational projects across all corners of the financial services industry.

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Organisations funded and controlled by the government form the UK’s public sector. Together, they provide essential housing, education, healthcare, and emergency services, and employ a considerable share of the UK’s workforce. Strict rules preside over this highly regulated industry to ensure accountability, transparency, and value.

  • We support digital, business, and cultural change programmes for Defence and National Security and Justice departments, helping them become more digitally driven through the hire of technical, leadership, and junior associates.
  • To help improve the provision and accessibility of education services, our public sector team collaborates with organisations on complex transformation projects. Our knowledge, network, and guidance help senior education leaders address critical skill needs.
  • Strengthening social policy and health services are central to the work we do within health and social services. We support a range of projects, including the supply of specialist resources for the NHS, data collection, and system integration projects.
    Along with our strategic hiring advice, we support energy and environmental departments through our contribution to technology, business, and cultural change projects that help the government fulfil its sustainability pledges.
  • We guide housing communities and local government teams on attracting key talent, and roll out new initiatives to help them achieve their aims of improving communities, providing appropriate housing, and enhancing frontline services.
    Our public sector team supports a full range of transport and infrastructure projects, driving transformation through improved connectivity and the roll out of the UK’s 5G network.
  • We collaborate with ministerial departments, executive agencies, and public bodies, helping them respond swiftly to a changing economic and geopolitical landscape with strategic hiring plans.

Our public services practice introduces a new level of strategic partnering, establishing important and sustainable transformation in the industry. Our wide network of leadership, business architecture, change, and communications professionals allows us to deploy talent across the full project lifecycle, in line with Infrastructure Projects Authority standards.

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Providing capital to businesses at varying phases of development, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms are the impetus behind many ambitious start-ups and large enterprises seeking investment. Digital transformation is strengthening the sector as it steers towards increased globalisation and competition.

  • Assessing processes, business models, risks, and operational environments, due diligence is critical in investment management. Companies need perceptive and informed experts to gauge profitability, marketability, and growth potential. We source and attract equity research, compliance, and fund management specialists to perform comprehensive and thorough due diligence.
  • Successful portfolio management requires a wealth of technical and interpersonal skills to analyse data, provide valuable market research, closely monitor investments, and communicate efficiently with customers. We source senior advisors and operating partners with high-level leadership experience across numerous operating models and funds.
  • The growing complexity of deal sourcing provides an incentive for PE and VC investors to improve their sourcing strategies. Our hiring pool contains senior-level professionals able to optimise deal sourcing strategies by leveraging their networks and capitalising on tech-driven market data.

Talent management is becoming crucial to yielding long-term results for Private Equity and Venture Capital investors. Rapid global developments are incentivising the industry to adopt new hiring strategies and stay ahead with greater diversity and inclusion, new technology, remote working opportunities, and employee retention.

At La Fosse, many of our customers sit within the VC and PE industry. Our unique position not only provides our teams with advanced industry knowledge, but gives us the opportunity to add demonstrable value and encourage progression within the industry. We work extensively with leading investment firms, connecting them with a broad spectrum of senior operating partners, advisors, and internal operational professionals with extensive leadership experience.

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