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La Fosse is a talent solutions business that helps build teams to deliver growth and transformation. Through a variety of recruitment services, we support our customers to achieve their ambitions, working by their side to create a total talent solution from the classroom to the boardroom.

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The La Fosse Group

Over the last 16 years, La Fosse has supported our customers to build exceptional tech teams, scale at pace, and transform their technology and digital landscapes. We’ve established a strong reputation in tech recruitment, working with over 2,000 customers on an international scale.

Having expanded our offerings and blended our services, we can support our customers through recruitment while also providing longer-term, strategic solutions that impact their wider business objectives.

Letter from our Founder

After spending 15 years helping to build a technology recruitment firm and taking it to market, I took a step back and saw an industry that, by and large, seemed to just treat people as commodities. I believed that we could do better.

I always took the approach that it’s best to treat everyone with care and respect; I found it made my job more enjoyable and it always paid dividends. It’s one thing for me to think it’s the right thing to do – but was it too ridiculous to try to build a company around this very simple idea?

Fast forward to today and our shared vision: that treating people well is not just the right thing to do, it’s a better way to do business.

Simon La Fosse Executive Chairman and Founder, La Fosse

Employee Panel

Our Employee Panel is made up of Employee Ambassadors across all divisions of our business. Our Ambassadors play a critical and strategic role, ensuring that we continue to operate in the best interests of our employees in shaping our culture and driving value. As an employee-owned business, it's vital that we foster a collaborative environment, leading to enhanced innovation, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.

Ryan Grant

I believe that the way we evolve, grow, and drive this business to the next level is by everyone playing their part. The Panel gives us a unique opportunity to create a communication channel between the business and those making strategic decisions. I’m excited to be part of something driving positive change within the organisation.

Lai Shan Yip

I care deeply about the people I work with and the growth of La Fosse. I believe that every single person plays a vital part in the success of La Fosse, and I want everyone’s voice, ideas, and achievements to be heard and recognised. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish as a team in achieving our strategic goals.

Kelly Wilkinson

I put myself forward to be an Ambassador because I care about the people I work with, our culture, and what we achieve together as a business. I’m most looking forward to representing our diverse range of teams and championing everyone’s ideas and concerns so that we can make the best decisions for our Employee-Owned business.

Simon Clemson

I wanted to be a part of the Employee Panel for the simple reason that I care: about the people that work for La Fosse, the fortunes of the company, the students and Associates whose lives we are changing, and the customers we work with. I’m most excited about working with a team of diverse experiences and ideas.

Nicole Andrews

I wanted to join our Employee Panel because I’m an approachable and democratic leader, and I’m passionate about collaboration and giving all individuals a voice, whilst always leading from a place of empathy. I look forward to maintaining our culture and never compromising on our core values.

Jon Price

I was passionate about joining the Panel as I believe that La Fosse is a special place to work. If we can inspire everyone to think and act like business owners, we’ll supercharge our growth and retain the culture that makes this such a unique company.

Lauren Stutz

I’ve recently relocated from our London office to the regional office in Birmingham and I’m keen to support the implementation of a consistent approach to growing the business across all of our offices. I want to do this whilst supporting the positive working culture of La Fosse and using this role to drive growth in the right direction.

Our story


Founded as executive search agency​ in the depths of West Sussex


Moved to London – our first office


Contract division established


Permanent division established​. Jonathan McKay appointed as NED Chairman


Interim division launched​


£100m turnover. Chair and NED practice established. Pro Bono scheme launched


New York office opened. Academy founded


London offices moved to Artillery Row


Academy achieves 500% annual growth


Amsterdam office opened


Company repositioning and rebrand

Numbers at a glance


team size


Glassdoor score



30 %

growth YoY