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Thanks so much for your interest in La Fosse. Our headquarters are based in London Victoria and can be reached at +442079321630

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International capability

In addition to providing recruitment and executive search services throughout the UK and Europe, La Fosse is equipped to service customers throughout North America, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Our international teams have worked extensively with a range of venture capital and private equity giants and their portfolio companies, offering high-quality, top-to-bottom recruitment on an executive search, interim, permanent, and contract basis.

We moved into the Croatian payments market through an existing PE client in 2017 and have since begun to build a presence in the Zagreb area. There is limited native technology talent in Croatia but lots of interim and contract opportunities within senior technology leadership and transformation and change. English is the universal business language in Croatia, therefore roles are unlikely to have language requirements.

Our work in Belgium centres around Brussels and primarily sits within the banking, consultancy and telecoms sectors. In Belgium’s candidate-led market, jobs generally require proficiency in French or Dutch, with roles including data engineers, data architects and data scientists.​

The current Danish market features lots of data transformation programmes, as companies within the banking, telecoms and retail sectors (among others) move towards becoming data-driven businesses with a strong agile focus. La Fosse have worked with clients across the board to hire data scientists, ML engineers, data engineers, AI engineers, data architects/modellers, data analysts and BI consultants into locations including Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

As part of our European expansion, we have leveraged our UK client base to branch into the Paris area, placing (cloud) data engineers, data architects and data scientists. The French market is highly candidate-led and heavily populated with these roles, with the majority of our clients looking to move into GCP or Azure.

Our work in Germany sits primarily in the automobile industry, working with some of the largest brands to place data architects, solutions architects and data engineers into their technology teams. Permanent placements outweigh contracting and freelance opportunities, but the German market is highly favourable, with 75% retention, high rates and primarily English-speaking roles. Key cities include Bonn, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg.

Our West Coast office sits right in the heart of the thriving technology scene in Los Angeles, and was the first La Fosse office to be opened in the US. The office extends our full-stack client offering to those operating in the West Coast, with our dedicated team of consultants hiring for executive search, interim, permanent and contract positions from the top down.

Our team in LA have experience working with a range of companies, from technology giants to venture capital and private equity-backed start-ups. If you work in technology, digital and change in the US and are looking to hire, or even if you’re looking for a job yourself, please get in touch – our team are happy to help.​

Our expansion into the Netherlands has centred around Amsterdam and Utrecht, where we have helped two of the largest Dutch banks resource for both contract and permanent staff across their data analytics and business intelligence departments. The Dutch market is competitive, with experienced consultants and established brands, but also candidate friendly – there is an accessible sponsorship process with additional benefits for expats. Example placements include: Data Engineer, Data Scientist, ETL Developer, BI Developer, Data Analyst, Credit Risk Data Analyst.

New York
As the base for our East Coast operations, our New York office allows us to extend our technology, digital, and change recruitment services to our clients operating in the US. As the first step in our mission to service clients and candidates on a global scale, this office offers the same high-quality opportunities and positions as our UK headquarters, recruiting top to bottom on an executive search, interim, permanent and contract basis.

Our team in NYC work extensively with private equity and venture capital funds, recruiting either directly for their teams, or into their portfolio companies. While our New York team is still growing, you can rest assured that whether you’re looking for a new job or to hire more employees, you’ll always receive the same great service and care that you’re used to.​

Focused in Oslo and Bergen, we are now providing consultants for a range of roles within the consultancy and broker sectors. There is a high demand for skilled BI professionals in the Norwegian market, with roles including BI analysts, BI developers and BI architects.

Working alongside some of the biggest brands in Poland, we are providing consultants in large quantities within the Warsaw, TRI-City, Krakow and Wroclaw areas. The market is primarily candidate-led, and very mature in terms of big data projects, with SAFe being the main framework and some companies now adopting Agile practices. Example roles include: Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and BI Consultant.

We have been working with both new and existing clients in our expansion into Sweden, taking part in various large-scale data programmes operating throughout the EU. Our placements have been focused in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, placing data scientists, ML engineers, data engineers and AI Engineers (among other roles) into multiple sectors including banking, telecoms, and retail.

We have recently expanded our presence into Switzerland, supporting a global pharmaceutical organisation with a large-scale SAP programme. The Swiss contractor market is heavily compliance-led, with very strict rules in place for contractors who must work via a local payroll partner if their assignment exceeds 90 days. Switzerland is typically considered an expensive place to live and this is reflected in the high rates on offer. Most organisations require English-speaking consultants, however, depending on the region, French or German language may also be needed. Our work has been centred in the city of Basel with roles including SAP Project Management type positions.