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Our projects and partnerships

La Fosse Pro Bono

In 2018, we launched a first-of-its-kind, pro bono recruitment and advisory practice to help charities combat the threat of a cyber attack on their organisations. This groundbreaking programme sees world-leading cybersecurity professionals placed into advisory positions at charities and NFPs that need advice and support, for free.

Launched with an event at the RAC late last year, the scheme is unique within the recruitment industry. The initiative has already been a success, with five cybersecurity professionals already committing to support organisations on an advisory basis.

Beam sponsorship

We proudly sponsor BEAM, a London-based social-impact organisation, funding employment training for individuals who are homeless or at risk of being so.

Beam, recommended to the individuals by a charity, helps them to raise the funds necessary to gain vocational degrees and qualifications in industries such as construction, hospitality and teaching, enabling them to leave homelessness behind for good.

MOET School sponsorship

An amazing, community-based, co-educational day school for over 250 orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi; we are proud to have worked with MOET since 2009 by donating contributions from our profit monthly.

In addition, some La Fossians have generously chosen to make monthly contributions from their salary to boost this commitment. MOET is close to our heart, and we love receiving our monthly photo updates from them!

Bookmark sponsorship

Today, more than 1 in 4 children in England leave primary school unable to read to the expected standard. These children often struggle for the rest of their lives, with poor literacy leading to limited job prospects, poor health, and low self-esteem. Bookmark is an exciting literacy charity that is helping children to develop the reading skills they need to succeed in school and beyond, by creating flexible volunteering at the heart of our communities.

For every customer invoice paid to us within 14 days, we make a donation of £10 to Bookmark Reading Charity. Given the volume of contracts we send a month, the potential for Bookmark – and all the children who they support – is huge. Also, individual members of our tea volunteer with Bookmark for their six-week reading programme.

Amnesty International Pro Bono work

Charities such as Amnesty International often struggle to recruit top talent in the cyber security space due to high salary expectations that they cannot meet. Despite this, these organisations are most in need of expert cyber security advice: they collect both personal and financial information, process payments, and are often coming up against potentially harmful factions in their work, making them an easy target for hackers.

After forming a good relationship with Amnesty, we were keen to help. We approached top professionals in our cyber security network to ask if they would be interested in supporting Amnesty International on a consultative basis for a few days per quarter. Neither La Fosse nor the cyber security experts involved gain any monetary remuneration for this work.

Off the back of the success of our initial partnership with Amnesty, we are now setting up a self-perpetuating structure, whereby each charity we engage with goes on to recommend five others who they think could benefit most from our help.


We have partnered with Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce and help secure the future of our planet. Instead of just becoming climate neutral, we’re actively creating positive impact by overestimating what we’re emitting and covering the carbon costs. Every single one of our employees is completely covered for their day-to-day life, holidays, travel, etc., not just their work-related emissions.

Our money will go towards a mix of planting hundreds of trees each month and funding a range of world-changing, climate-tackling projects, including reforestation, renewables, and efficient cooking stoves everywhere from Uganda to India.

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