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PHP Developer Job Description

What is the role of a PHP Developer?

What is a PHP Developer?

A PHP developer is a software developer who specialises in designing, testing, and implementing software using PHP. You will be managing the back–end services to help the interchange of data between server and user.


  • Work closely with IT team to complete projects

  • Analysis and development of website and PHP application requirements

  • Write back-end code and create scripts

  • Build efficient PHP modules

  • Develop back-end portals with an optimised database

  • Ensure HTML, CSS and JavaScript is correct and consistent across applications

  • Finalise and utilise back-end features and data services

  • Testing web applications

  • Create documentation for software created

  • Lead web application development lifecycle from start to finish

  • Troubleshoot application and code issues relating to PHP programs

  • Liaise with co-developers and project managers on developments

  • Deliver task process, evaluations, suggestions, and schedules in line with technical issues

Typical Tech Stack:

  • PHP

  • CSS3

  • JavSscript

  • HTML

  • AWS

  • Docker


  • Previous experience as a PHP developer is desired

  • Degree in computer science, engineering, or similar field

  • Knowledge of PHP web frameworks, PHP coding, and web-based applications

  • Knowledge of front-end technologies such as CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5

  • Previous experience creating applications

  • Ability to project manage and solve problems

  • Experience with PHP MVP frameworks (Symfony, Kohana, etc)

  • Extensive experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Knowledge of design frameworks

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Creative ability

  • Team player and good communicational skills  

Professional Development

This type of role provides you with the opportunity to work your way up the ladder, starting with transitioning to a senior web developer role. You then have the opportunity to become an IT manager, development director, or chief technology officer.

Alternative Careers:

  • Surveyor

  • Network Manager

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Business Systems Analyst