What is the role of a key account manager?


As key account manager you are responsible for the main/most important client accounts in the company and will be the main point of contact for any of the key client matters. You will be working within the company to cater to clients’ needs, meet deadlines for the client and help the client be successful. You will need to develop a close, trusting relationship with the major clients to keep them happy and clients of yours.


  • Develop trust and form relationships with your portfolio of clients who bring in most income for the company
  • Understand client and key customer needs and requirements
  • Expand and work on the relationships with the existing clients by meeting their expectations and catering to their needs
  • Deliver correct products and services to customers in a timely manner
  • Be the point of communication between the key clients and internal teams
  • Resolve issues that the clients might face and deal with complaints
  • Generate new sales and create long lasting relationships
  • Prepare regular progress and goals reports to present to internal and external stakeholders using key account metrics

Types of key account managers:

  • KAM working with existing key accounts
  • KAM working with emerging key accounts


  • BA/BSc in business, sales, or related degree
  • Proven experience working as a key account manager
  • Experience in sales and working in customer service type roles
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to form relationships with professionals
  • Skills in problem solving and negotiation
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills

Professional development:

As a key account manager, the most common progression is to transfer to the sales department as these roles are usually inter-related. You are able to transition into a managerial, more senior sales position.

Alternative careers:

  • Account coordinator
  • Account manager
  • Sales coordinator
  • Sales operations specialist
  • Sales manager
  • Business development manager or director