La Fosse Solutions

Enabling transformation, creating a legacy

Building, deploying, and managing teams that solve your business technology challenges and deliver digital outcomes.

Our key offerings

As demand flexes or your needs evolve, our bespoke services enable you to scale up or down on demand - an agile, managed services approach that delivers quality and reliability at pace.

As-is analysis

Our subject matter experts take a considered approach to fully understand your problem statement and make a comprehensive analysis of your challenge or goal. With input from principal stakeholders, we build a tailor-made solution, outlining a recommended approach, approximate timeline, and areas for rapid improvement.​

Resource augmentation

We bridge skills gaps in your existing organisational structures and teams where support is most needed, quickly flexing as demand and capacity evolves. Whether piloting a new project, scaling, or pivoting, we deliver targeted technology and delivery expertise.​

Teams as a service

On hand to execute against complex technology transformation, our specialist teams define the project scope, build an efficient roadmap, and ensure delivery against defined milestones.​

Blended teams

Utilising both subject matter experts and emerging tech professionals developed specifically through La Fosse Academy, this blend of skills provides both short-term project delivery and long-term talent and knowledge retention.​
Blended team key

Blended team diagram

Our customers include:

Our technical expertise

La Fosse Solutions delivers accelerated technology transformation through exceptional onshore teams, adapting to your specific needs and providing peace of mind with our managed approach.​

With both engagement managers and client partners to support your La Fosse Solutions journey, we’ll help you achieve your transformation goals and provide lasting capability for future success.​

Our core areas include:

  • IT and change delivery
  • AI and data
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Digital and software engineering
  • Cyber security

Over the last 15 years, La Fosse has helped advise, design, shape, and deliver. That’s further developed into partnering on a number of events, including a very successful diversity event.

Ben Jones Group CTO, GfK

Partnering with La Fosse has been very easy and very successful. They understood quickly what we wanted and built an excellent team matching our needs; they delivered on time with all the expected features.

Stephan Lavolle CIO, Viooh

La Fosse have, through very unusual and testing circumstances, carried out all that could have been reasonably expected of them, to a very high standard, and with a tremendous attitude throughout.

Kevin Bould Customer Data Manager, Money & Pensions Service

Our teams

Our expert consultants have a flexible approach, with rapid onboarding and the ability to scale as required. Helping you tackle existing challenges and deliver digital outcomes, our teams are ready to start transforming your organisation from day one.


Sharing ideas and knowledge is important to us – we want to leave you with a lasting legacy that contributes to your future success.


We implement the right skills and project management to complete the assignment without disturbing your day-to-day running.


We adjust to your ways of working to maximise delivery efforts and ensure continuation of process once work is completed.