This exclusive panel discussion is aimed at enterprise businesses looking to harness the transformative potential of AI and technology.  

Featuring a diverse panel of subject experts and business leaders, we’ll explore the use of AI in developing efficient, cost-effective, and successful transformation programmes.  

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Together, we’ll examine: 

  • Business strategy: How to use AI to enhance and improve transformation through people, process, and technology
  • AI-powered insights: Harnessing AI for data analytics, market intelligence, and informed decision-making 
  • AI and workforce transformation: Navigating the human-AI partnership, upskilling, and talent acquisition in the AI era

Hosted and facilitated by La Fosse’s COO Glyn Blaize, there will be opportunities throughout the evening for networking with fellow attendees – transformation, programme, and change directors with a wealth of knowledge and insight. 

6pm: Arrival and registration
6.45pm: Panel discussion
7.30pm: Q&A
7.45pm: Drinks, canapés, and networking
9.30pm: Finish