Partnership and requirement

La Fosse has partnered with Castle Trust as an MSP to deliver a number of key hires across the organisation, following issues relating to their contingent technology workforce as well as significant growth plans. As a single supplier to Castle Trust, we ensured a clear and efficient hiring process, cost saving for the business, and the improvement of engagement and culture during the recruitment process. ​


Castle Trust Partnered with La Fosse as a single supplier to overcome the following issues with these solutions:

  • Too many ‘approved’ suppliers: Long-term partnership with a singular agency to manage hiring
  • New starter onboarding leakage: Standardised and efficient onboarding process
  • No clear message: Clear message to the candidate network regarding Castle Trust and what they are trying to achieve
  • No standard MI: Effective dashboards and MI
  • No single set of terms and conditions: Single set of terms
  • Poor candidate quality and satisfaction: La Fosse brand and reputation in market for candidate satisfaction
  • Inefficient hiring processes: Standardised interview playbooks, hiring manager training workshops, and LFA Talent Advisory practice
  • Low hiring manager satisfaction: Regular hiring community 121s and quarterly NPS
  • No standard recruitment portal: Standardised, trackable recruitment portal for all candidates and hiring managers
  • Hiring from a narrow talent pool of skillsets and industry experience: Specialist consultants with extensive network, resourcing on individual
  • requirements, tailored headhunting, and access to LF database (~60,000 candidates), Market mapping due to location, Thought leadership content and events to attract top quality talent
  • Lack of internal process/dedicated recruitment team: Dedicated account manager and experienced La Fosse consultant managing the process
  • High volume of hires to be made in 2018/2019: Dedicated resourcing team committed to pre-agreed timeframes to ensure hires are delivered in timely manner

Example Placements

  • During a three-month period we successfully placed a number of key hires to timescale:
  • Interim CTO
  • Chief Of Staff
  • Head of Data
  • Head of IT and Infrastructure
  • Head of Project Governance / Head of Programmes
  • Senior Infrastructure Manager
  • Tech Product Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Core Services Manager
  • Security Manager
  • GDPR Specialist
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • PMO Senior Analyst


“I rarely write positive feedback but feel this is warranted. I wanted to call out some good behaviours and values shown by your team that I have been working closely with recently. I started working with La Fosse when I joined Castle Trust about a year ago. Clearly a trusted consiglieri to the CTO at the time, the La Fosse team was responsive at all hours and showed real tenacity – characteristics that made you a trusted partner to members of the ExCo. Your team is always willing to go the extra mile for Castle Trust and I really value their input. In a sea of stuffy executive search firms, their approach is refreshing and agile.
After agreeing to an RPO, your team quickly made themselves a part of the wider HR team and added great value in securing some great talent for us quickly and without any fuss. They displayed all of the great characteristics that the rest of the team has done over the time I have known them – clearly a testament to your culture.
It is unlikely that the RPO project would have taken flight if it wasn’t for your Perm Director. He made an effort to visit our office in the deepest corner of Basingstoke to get the deal over the line. I was really impressed; it is rare for a manager to invest so much time in visiting a client so far away. I have worked with many recruitment leaders in my career and put him amongst the best of them. He’s also a nice, down-to-earth bloke.
I know there are others that work hard behind the scenes that have been helpful and responsive, too. All are a credit to La Fosse – you should be very proud – I aim to build a similar culture with strong values in companies I am involved in – seems like you’ve nailed it.”

Abbas Jeraj  |  HR Director, Castle Trust