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Vue JS Developer Job Description

What is the role of a Vue JS Developer?

What is a Vue JS developer?

They are responsible primarily for the front-end development of a web application and work with this framework. You will work with other developers, back-end developers, and designers to implement this framework and produce a secure code.


  • Writing robust and secure code

  • Coordinate with other software developers and project managers

  • Design and develop web applications

  • Write JavaScript code that is effective

  • Test and troubleshoot the application to ensure its performance

  • Ability to optimise the application for performance

  • Keep up to date with recent developments in JS and Vue.js

Tech stack:

  • Graft QL

  • Type Script

  • JavaScript

  • VueJS


  • BA degree or MA in computer science, IT, engineering or similar

  • A few years of experience in Vue.js is preferred

  • Strong understanding of Vue.js framework and principles

  • Knowledge of the functional programming

  • JavaScript unit testing abilities

  • Experience working in service-based environments and with API’s

  • Knowledge of responsive design systems

  • Ability to write efficient, secure, and clean JavaScript code

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Professional development:

In this role there is opportunity for career growth and with the relevant experience, you can work your way up to a senior Vue.js developer or transfer to similar roles which utilise the same skills. From here, you have the opportunity to progress to becoming a tech lead then an engineering manager, and eventually becoming head of engineering for an organisation. 

Alternative careers:

  • Full stack developer

  • JavaScript developer

  • Engineering manager