What is the role of an Analytics Manager?

As an Analytics Manager, you will be responsible for gathering and analysing data to be able to utilise this information to gain valuable insight and influence business decisions. To improve a clients’ performance and meet their business goals, you will also develop and implement analytics solutions, manage data, generate reports and present these findings to key stakeholders and senior management.


  • Lead, create, and develop a team of data analysts
  • Ensure deadlines are fulfilled while supervising analytics projects to collect, organise, and analyse data from various apps
  • Manage schedules and teams, from a variety of departments, through frequent performance reviews
  • Apply company policies and procedures to ensure quality and avoid inconsistencies
  • Set up processes that convert raw data into useful business insights that can be applied to the business
  • Keep up to date with industry developments and trends
  • Identify, build, and apply analytics solutions
  • Produce reports of conclusions found through analysis and present this information to senior management
  • Create strategies for efficient reporting and data analysis

Tech Stack

  • MS Office (Excel, Word)
  • Google Analytics
  • SQL
  • Adobe Analytics

Related Jobs

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  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer


  • Degree in analytics, computer science or similar degree
  • Previous experience as an Analytics Manager or similar role
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Detail oriented with a problem-solving mentality
  • Great analytical and organisational skills
  • Experience creating databases and analysing data