News UK is a British newspaper publisher and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American mass media conglomorate, News Corp. It is the current publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun newspapers.

The challenge

News UK wanted to deliver new products using AI whilst simultaneously reducing their high contractor spend. La Fosse has worked with CTO Tom Jackson to “build and grow their own” team and build internal talent pipelines capable of meeting the evolving data demands of the organisation.

The solution

La Fosse deployed the Academy model with 18 Associates working across Data & Technology. This resulted in a newly formed AI/Innovation team alongside News UK’s permanent staff, working on two projects to deliver new AI products that would set them apart in the media space.

La Fosse enhanced their team through their recruitment offering bringing in highly skilled technical experts with the right cultural fit who could immediately contribute to News UK’s digital transformation.

This blended team approach of pairing more junior Associates with seasoned contractors who work as product managers, business analysts, and project managers ensured fast development of our Associates to work on the BAU and lower-level tasks, freeing up the experts to focus on strategic delivery. They were quickly equipped not only with technical expertise but also with the necessary skills to manage and deliver the complexity of the new product projects.

The result

Through a blended team approach involving both La Fosse Academy and La Fosse Recruitment, News UK has expanded and improved their engineering capability and have built an agile, high-performing team capable of meeting future challenges and growth objectives.

News UK has also achieved cost savings and efficiencies using this model whilst reducing their heavy dependency on expensive contractors. They are leading innovative digital transformation projects, ensuring that they are at forefront of innovation in the media industry.


“I’ve worked closely with La Fosse; from the outset, they really took the time getting to know me and the wider team to really understand how we work and who would fit well within the team.

The team is professional with every brief, communicate well, challenge and question when needed, and work tirelessly to deliver to the very tight deadlines we give them! I thoroughly enjoy working with them and look forward to this continuing.”
Head of UX, News UK