News UK is one of the largest and most successful digital publications and news companies in the UK, being known throughout the industry for their high-quality Engineering team and being leaders within the Agile space.​

Requirement and solution

La Fosse was initially engaged by the Head of UX to build out a design function for the company, with a focus on web development and app digital services.

Now, La Fosse is one of 4 agencies on the preferred supplier list for contract resource and have been partnering with News UK since 2012. In addition to supplying in excess of 90+ contractors across the business (predominantly within the engineering and product space) La Fosse has co-hosted two events with News UK which were hosted at their offices and had in excess of 250 attendees. We have excellent relationships across the business at C-level and internal recruitment right down to technical leads to fully understand how to best assist with their recruitment needs.​

We operate the account delivery model with News UK, with verticalised SMEs in each technical space, thus resulting in huge success in placing excellent candidates.​ Contract placements: Over 90 since 2012, including Java developers, front-end developers, full-stack engineers, SDETs, product managers, and DevOps engineers.


“I’ve worked closely with La Fosse over the last two years and they’ve helped recruit the majority of contractors in the team. My dedicated consultant has a comprehensive grasp of UX&D and easily identified who would be a suitable fit. From the outset, they really took the time getting to know me and the wider team to really understand how we work and who would fit well within the team.

The Design team are professional with every brief, communicate well, challenge and question when needed, and work tirelessly to deliver to the very tight deadlines we give them! I thoroughly enjoy working with our consultant and look forward to this continuing.”