La Fosse has been a trusted partner of Moneycorp across Tech, Change, and Product for several years. Our blended offering enabled us to identify several key challenges within the organisation:

The challenge

Moneycorp’s growth strategy required lean project teams with subject matter expertise for a potential Private Equity event.

  • Heavy reliance on third-party engagements risked IP loss.
  • Historically, resource predictability issues  caused service disruptions and delays. 
  • Transition to an agile, product-led approach required a cultural shift. 
  • Key senior hires were often occupied with BAU, limiting focus on strategic initiatives.

The solution

Together, we created a flexible solution for Moneycorp’s transformation agenda. 

  • Using our blended team solution, we deployed 17 experienced consultants and Associates over six weeks.
  • SME consultants were embedded with Associates to accelerate skill development, creating a clear exit strategy.
  • SMEs handled complex tasks whilst Associates managed simpler ones, improving project efficiency.

The result

A team of 17 was deployed across three sprints in six weeks, reducing delays and improving resource predictability.

  • The team was 45% female, reflecting Moneycorp’s commitment to DEI.
  • The blended team approach allowed future flexibility in response to Moneycorp’s operating model.
  • 100% of Associates converted to perm roles, addressing immediate challenges and ensuring sustainability and knowledge retention.