Mastercard is the second largest worldwide payment processing corporation. They offer a range of payment transaction processing and other related payment services. Their secure networks, partnerships, solutions, and innovations make transactions safe, simple, and smart – and help everyone realise their greatest potential.

Engagement #1

Requirement: Mastercard acquired a business that supports member banks to manage transactions with their customers. This was built with a Client Management Services layer, which was being hosted by the business and needed to be moved in-house to the Vocalink Technology Stack.

Solution: La Fosse’s Engineering Team – encompassing analysts, developers, and quality assurance practitioners – was engaged to assess, test, and maintain the code base and migrate services as designed.

Result: La Fosse operated a roll on/roll off team of eight to ensure the correctly-skilled engineers were available at the relevant point of the project.

Engagement #2

Requirement: La Fosse provided a team of five engineering consultants to support customer onboarding, prevent retail and consumer fraud, and enable migration of data points.

Solution: The team impacted the programme quickly by troubleshooting all environments, upgrading, and patching while redeveloping the platform to meet additional fraud prevention requirements. Following launch, the existing customers were migrated seamlessly onto the new platform.

Result: Prior to project completion, all documentation and knowledge-sharing with permanent team members was undertaken.

Engagement #3

Added value: La Fosse provided a junior DevOps consultant from the in-house La Fosse Academy to support the Financial Crime Team.

Result: This provided the team with increased bandwidth and enabled Mastercard to create an in-house talent pipeline, thereby saving money and retaining IP.