Culture Trip is a global tech start-up, inspiring millions to explore culture and creativity through a global network of international local content creators and innovative technologies.

Their content reaches over 18 million visitors and 200 million social media users per month, and on March 24th 2018, they raised $80 million in series B investment, making them one of Europe’s best-funded start-ups.


In the summer of 2017, La Fosse was retained on a global campaign to help build Culture Trip’s leadership layer and best position them for their impending scale-up and aggressive growth strategy.

Culture Trip partnered with La Fosse as a result of our transatlantic network and ability to attract top-tier execs from the US to London and vice versa. The core remit of the brief given by Founder and CEO Kris Naudts was: “I want to recruit the very best talent on the planet.”

It was a truly international campaign, targeting C-level talent from the most prestigious technology, media, consumer, and content businesses across the US, UK, Europe, and Asia.


Within nine months, we successfully built Culture Trip’s C-suite team. Utilising our high-calibre international network and extensive experience placing into high-growth businesses, we attracted some of the most senior execs from Silicon Valley, from companies including Facebook, Groupon, and Google. Three of the candidates were based in the US but chose to relocate to the UK to take roles at Culture Trip.

The calibre of the C-suite team recruited by La Fosse was integral to securing Culture Trip’s funding round. The $80 million series B was one of the largest funding rounds in Europe in 2018 and positioned Culture Trip for exponential growth.

The company will continue to expand their talent teams, utilising their partnership with La Fosse to ensure that these hires are at the same exceptional standard.


  • Chief Revenue Officer (Former Silicon Valley Exec from Google)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (Former Silicon Valley Exec from Facebook)
  • Chief HR Officer (Former Silicon Valley Exec from Netflix)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Former CFO from Groupon – New York)
  • VP Communications (Formerly at Sky)
  • Head of UX/UI (Formerly at the BBC)
  • VP Engineering (Formerly at The Telegraph)


“With this investment and quality of leadership, Culture Trip is now ready to enter a new phase of hyper-growth.” DR KRIS NAUDTS – CEO and FOUNDER, CULTURE TRIP