Whether a business is creating a new security function or bolstering an existing one, a solid governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy is highly important for ensuring the safe and effective running of the department against guidelines and regulatory standards. Our team have a well developed network from broad business facing information security leaders, through to specialists in 1st, 2nd or 3rd line of defence across technology & information security GRC.

​Example role placements

  • Information Security GRC – Analysts through to Global Directors/VPs
  • Technology Risk, Compliance & Audit – Analysts through to Global Directors/VP
  • 3rd Party Specialists
  • Training & Awareness Specialists
  • Controls Specialists
  • Operational Resilience & Business Continuity Specialists

Data Privacy/Governance & GDPR

Since the new GDPR regulations came into effect in 2018, businesses have been put under increased scrutiny to ensure the safe management of data privacy both internally and externally. Our team has a vast network of data experts across all areas, helping our clients, both big and small, to ensure data protection and privacy demands are met in all areas.

Service areas:

  • Data Protection
  • Data PrivacyData Governance
  • GDPR
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance