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Enterprise Architect Job Description

What is the role of an Enterprise Architect?

 Enterprise architects are responsible for upkeeping and maintaining an organisations IT services and networks. They will oversee, improve, and upgrade the services, hardware and software of an enterprise by developing, coordinating, maintaining and enforcing the overall enterprise architecture. They are important as they tie the project and program strategies of the organisations and projects together.

Types of Enterprise Architect:

There are several types of enterprise architect which include:

  • Business

  • Application

  • Data

  • Technology


An enterprise architect may hold qualification which include the below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or related field

  • Some experience in the field is preferred

  • Experience in system architecture is preferred

  • Good technical, analytical, communication, interpersonal and project management skills

  • Ability to lead a team and collaborate with business and tech leaders

  • Experience with SQL, data sourcing, enterprise data management, modelling and business strategy.


The responsibilities of an enterprise architect are naturally incredibly varied, but include:

  • Developing the enterprise architecture

  • Coordinating and developing architecture plans and activities

  • Assist in aligning business and enterprise initiatives with the enterprise architecture

  • Advise the senior management on integration strategies

  • Influencing, translating, and mapping business strategy

  • Complex thinking and strategizing systems

  • Understanding of technology product, vendor strategies and products

  • Be able to communicate with business and tech leaders within and outside the organisation

  • Understanding of business needs

  • Be influential and trustworthy towards the business as an advisor

  • Understanding developers needs in line with business needs

Typical Tech stacks:

  • SAP Ariba, SAP Concur

  • BIZZdesign Enterprise Studio

  • Sparx Systems enterprise architect

  • Erwin

  • Planview

Professional development:

Once EAs gain more experience their earnings will increase, and they will have the opportunities to get more certifications to progress in your role. With this you will be able toprogress to a chief enterprise architect or be the head enterprise architect in your organisation and oversee others.

Alternative careers:

  • Business Architect

  • Solutions Architect

  • Enterprise Solutions Architect

  • Enterprise Security Architect

  • Technical Architect

  • Data Architect