La Fosse Associates have placed 2nd in the 2021 Sunday Times HSBC International Top Track 200, jumping up five places from last year’s list with an average yearly international sales growth of 245.7%.


The list ranks Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest growing international sales, measured over their latest two years of available accounts.

With 14 years of top-to-bottom recruitment within leadership, technology, digital and change, La Fosse have recently been expanding their reach to partner with leading companies across the world. Their London headquarters services Europe and beyond, with offices in LA and New York covering the North American market.

This expansion means they are even better placed to serve an increasingly international client base, especially within private equity, venture capital and portfolio companies looking to recruit global board, C-suite, management and tech talent.

With a recent CIPD report finding that over half of UK-based employers are planning to hire within the next three months, La Fosse are looking forward to servicing more clients than ever in 2021.

Founder Simon La Fosse also weighed in on the current state of hiring:

“We’ve seen lots of VC/PE investment and demand for tech skills in the past two years, something which has been driven by investment into the UK tech market. Not only is this a healthy sign for Britain’s economy, it’s part of a global shift resulting in a lasting change to the world economy. With COVID expediting the use of technology solutions, especially within e-commerce and other digitally enabled sectors, companies are becoming more and more comfortable hiring within this space. We are excited for the opportunities the future brings for La Fosse.”

Jack Denison, Global Head of the La Fosse Executive practice, looks after our UK Executive team as well as our two US offices. Speaking on increasing international reach, he noted:

“With many organisations having had no choice but to adapt to remote working over the past year, we have seen a huge uptick in multinational clients looking to hire both interim and permanent roles on a purely remote basis. With candidates no longer locked by geography, clients are looking for the very best industry experts, and our vast network is enabling us to source this top talent quickly and efficiently.

“In the last 12 months, 40% of our executive placements have been outside of the UK, and this number is only set to grow in the coming years. Our clients, especially within the private equity space, are now approaching us not just for technology-based roles, but increasingly also for CEOs, CFOs, and sales and marketing leadership.

“COVID has accelerated what will be a permanent shift towards a more digital economy. As companies bring forward their technology plans, we have seen a corresponding increase in demand for candidates, both to deliver the change needed now and to increase value in the long term.”

La Fosse looks forward to another year of growth, and would like to extend their congratulations to all the companies who made this year’s list.