La Fosse is delighted to announce the move to Employee Ownership, making our employees part-owners of the business and enabling them to share in the company’s future success.

Since its foundation in 2007, La Fosse has always been a values-driven company, treating its employees, candidates, and customers with care and respect. Co-owned from the beginning, with 40% of the company’s equity already gifted to staff at all levels, this next transition will allow our workforce to benefit even more from the future growth of La Fosse.

Employee-owned businesses tend to generate higher levels of engagement, productivity, and innovation. We want our staff to have a voice in how La Fosse is run and provide more opportunities for them to play a pivotal role in our success. Most importantly, employee ownership will allow us to maintain our culture, ethos, and values as we continue to scale our business together.

Our vision to create a world where talent is recognised regardless of background and lived experience is at the forefront of our future strategy. Our employee-ownership status follows a recent move to unite our different services – La Fosse Recruitment, La Fosse Executive, and La Fosse Academy – under one brand.

CEO Ollie Whiting will oversee this exciting new chapter for La Fosse, with this to say on the employee ownership announcement:

“Our ethos revolves around creating cultures and teams that top talent genuinely desires to join and remain a part of; our purpose is to build teams for our customers that are shaping our world. La Fosse’s differentiating factor is our people – their exceptional abilities and the way we nurture relationships with others. They’re the heart and soul of our organisation – passionate, talented, and committed to making a difference.

“A move to employee-owned status is about engaging with our teams; we want our employees to truly share in our success as we continue to grow.”

James de le Vingne, Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association, said: “We congratulate La Fosse on its transition to employee ownership. Businesses that give employees a stake and a say build trust and shared responsibility, uniting leaders and employees behind a common purpose, and leaving businesses in a better position to flex and adapt.”

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