​La Fosse is host to an exclusive series of events connecting Architecture leaders across different industries and backgrounds. These events are a space for leaders to come together to openly and confidentially share ideas with their peer group.

We’re delighted to be hosting our next event on the 21st of November 2023:

Elevating Architecture to the Boardroom

Register below to join La Fosse and Valerio Fuschini as we discuss:

  • Promoting yourself to the decision-making table with agile thinking
  • Architecture as a business partner and not just an IT function
  • Embracing disruption
  • Balancing short-term execution and long-term planning while making an impact

Valerio Fuschini, Technology Operating Partner at H.I.G. Capital, has broad technology experience, spanning from network and infrastructure (10+ years, both cloud and on prem) to bespoke software development, decoupled/API-based architectures, delivery management, and 3rd party management (20+ years). Valerio is experienced in designing and delivering global large-scale technology-based programmes, on time and on budget, driving operational excellence and innovation across multiple sectors including financial services, media, retail, and travel.