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Architecture Leadership Forum #2 - Prioritising Your Investment in Architecture

Thursday, 24 October 2019 -

This is the second in the event series, The Architecture Leadership Forum.

As an architectural leader, it's important to know how to explain the value of investing in architecture to businesses – but it can be tricky. What are the selling points, and how do you communicate them?

During this event we worked through a series of real world examples and a set of proposals so you can leave with new ideas and principles to directly apply to your business.

Facilitated by John O'Donovan, CTO at Allen & Overy.


Hosted by Ryan Grant.  Ryan joined the Permanent Team in 2016 and specialises in the Architecture space – where he has worked on assignments from CTO & Chief Architect through to Technical & Solution Architects. His experience is cross-sector, but he has a deep knowledge of Insurance & is also driving our Architecture recruitment in Mainland Europe & the USA.

If you are interested in attending future events, please get in touch