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Software Engineering Recruitment

In the rapidly evolving digital economy where skills are in high demand and low supply, our Software Engineering recruitment team go above and beyond to identify top talent. Harnessing social media, the latest recruitment technology, innovative referral schemes, meetups and hosting regular events, our team are able to engage with talent who aren't necessarily active in the search for a new contract.

Our Management team possess over 30 years Digital recruitment experience and have deliberately built specialist verticals, ensuring a deep understanding of the market that each individual consultant operates in. We have delivered exceptional results across the entire digital life-cycle for organisations of all sizes. Our team currently works with the most recognised brands in London, tech start-ups, advertising agencies, online B2Cs, B2Bs and the IoT space.

Types of Software Engineering Recruitment


Content management system (CMS) development is aimed at implementing tailored solutions that facilitate creating, storing, organising, modifying, and publishing web content.

Frameworks & variants


Drupal is a free, open-source web content management system that provides a back-end framework for nearly 15% of the world's top 10,000 websites. Our Drupal team specialise in placing experienced Drupal engineers into leading businesses, both on a remote and on-site basis.

Wordpress & PHP

Wordpress is the no. 1 CMS provider on the market today, now servicing over 450 million websites worldwide. Drawing from our deep candidate network of engineers and developers, we provide Wordpress specialists for businesses at every stage in their journey, from building and managing new websites to improving and optimising existing ones.


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform which uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases. As it quickly moves into the mainstream, we have helped increasing numbers of e-commerce businesses to find specialist candidates who can develop and manage their Magento websites, no matter how big.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing (SDET)

Over the last 5 years we have cultivated a market leading Quality Assurance talent network, covering the breadth of the multiple industries throughout the UK and European tech markets. Whether hands-on manual and automation engineering roles (Software Engineers in Test, QA's, Performance Testers) or strategic leadership roles (Test management/Head of QA) - we have a proven track record of delivery on quality focused recruitment.

.NET Developers

With a decade of sector experience in .NET, we connect our clients with highly specialised and sought-after talent through our extensive professional network, tailoring each search to our clients’ needs. We cover all skill sets within the Microsoft development sphere and act as your guide throughout the process, focusing on transparency and accuracy, which has allowed us to establish long standing relationships with both clients and candidates.

​JVM (Java)

Drawing on a decade of sector experience focusing on building talent communities of top percentile candidates within this space, we connect our clients to highly specialised and sought-after talent by representing a global network of professionals.


Our Java function specialises in all JVM languages with a key focus on Java/Scala/Kotlin/Clojure/Groovy, placing agile minded JVM Software Engineers who are passionate about cloud computing and follow modern software engineering principles including TDD and CI/CD. We have a proven track record of placing Software Engineers into the highest calibre of engineering teams, ranging from start-ups, Fintech companies and FTSE organisations.

​Frameworks & variants


Kotlin is a programming language designed for the Java Virtual Machine and Android which has seen increased interest over recent years as businesses look for an alternative to Java. Our team are well versed in helping organisations of all sizes connect with Kotlin specialists with the right skills to implement this programming language into their everyday development.

​JavaScript Engineering

Since 2011 we have specialised in placing Contract and Permanent Web and JavaScript Engineers utilising ReactJS, TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular, Vue and Express skillsets to deliver quality web platforms to businesses of all sizes, from Start-up to FTSE 100 across the UK and Europe. We are active in our developer communities and pride ourselves on building trustworthy and long lasting relationships with the best engineers, which enables us to deliver high quality profiles to our clients.

Frameworks & variants


Angular is a platform and framework that is used for building applications and extensions using HTML and TypeScript. Our experts understand the benefits Angular framework has to offer and the dependable nature of it, and have extensive experience in placing developers into business to create cleaner code, implement faster testing, and improve de-bugging.

Node JS

Node is an open-source development platform designed for executing JavaScript code on the back end. Our specialist team have a wide network of experts who are able to assist businesses of all sizes in developing their functionality and architecture with Node.

React JS

React.js is a front-end, open-source JavaScript library, used to build user interfaces based on UI components. Our specialist team has helped businesses of all sizes adopt and optimise React.js, connecting them with leading developers and engineers who are adept at building interactive UIs.

Vue JS

Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript, used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. Our team has extensive experience hiring for Vue.js roles, having placed high-performing individuals into businesses of all sizes and stages in their growth journey.

Mobile Engineering

With over 3.5 billion smartphones in the world we understand the importance of companies having a mobile strategy. La Fosse have been specialising in mobile since 2014, where the team are motivated by providing the highest standards of service, supported by a depth of industry knowledge. They are actively involved in the London mobile community, and consequently have strong, established networks in the React Native and Native communities. We help organisations find high-quality contract mobile resource which matches your needs, the first time. We help organisations who are building their first mobile capability, from the ground up. We partner with those looking to undertake a Mobile Transformation Programme. We build mobile teams from scratch with teams who can hit the ground running.

​iOS App Development

With over 2.2 million iOS apps on the market today (and growing), demand for iOS developers is increasing rapidly year on year. Our team of specialists work with businesses of all sizes to find top-tier developers to help create and maintain apps to the highest level of quality.

Android Development

One of the biggest operating systems on the market, Android is an operating system which services over 2.5 billion devices worldwide. Our specialist Android recruitment team work with companies of all sizes to find high-quality engineers and developers to suit their current and future business needs.

Python and Ruby Engineering

Python is a programming language used for website and software development, data analysis and visualisation, automation, and more. Our specialist Python team has helped businesses of all sizes adopt and optimise the language for building sites, systems and applications.


Django is an open-source, Python-based framework that allows for rapid development of secure and maintainable websites and servers. Our team of experts use deep network connections to find the best talent for clients of all sizes looking to develop and maintain their sites.


Python and Ruby

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework used to build out web applications and sites. Our team have placed a wide range of Ruby on Rails experts into businesses to optimise use of the framework, both in a development and engineering capacity.

Latest Software Engineering Jobs

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Meet Software Engineering Team

  • Abigail Bolton
    Abigail Bolton

    Senior Consultant - Marketing

  • Amna Ahmed
    Amna Ahmed


  •  Ash Batten
    Ash Batten

    Senior Consultant

  • Charlie Durman
    Charlie Durman


  • Claudia Nichols
    Claudia Nichols


  • Emile Bevan
    Emile Bevan

    Managing Consultant

  • Ellen Gentry
    Ellen Gentry

    Associate Consultant

  • Ethan Cohen
    Ethan Cohen

    Principal Consultant Manager

  • Finn Crowley
    Finn Crowley

    Senior Consultant

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown

    Principal Consultant

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Joe Howe
    Joe Howe

    Associate Consultant

  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell

    Associate Consultant

  • Kamni Sharma
    Kamni Sharma

    Principal Consultant Manager

  • Louis Crane
    Louis Crane


  • Louis Gush
    Louis Gush

    Associate Consultant

  • Luca Serafini-Fracassini
    Luca Serafini-Fracassini


  • Nicole Godman
    Nicole Godman

    Associate Consultant

  • Nick Sharp
    Nick Sharp

    Associate Consultant

  • Parag Patel
    Parag Patel

    Associate Consultant

  • Rosie O'Donoghue
    Rosie O'Donoghue

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Sam Barcia
    Sam Barcia

    Senior Consultant

  • Simon Bird
    Simon Bird

    Associate Director

  • Tanmeet Ahuja
    Tanmeet Ahuja

    Associate Director

  • Thomas Wendelken
    Thomas Wendelken

    Senior Consultant

  • William Rollings
    William Rollings


  • Xavier Labat
    Xavier Labat

    Principal Consultant