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How CTOs Can Become Better Leaders

Simon La Fosse

30 October 2018

by Simon La Fosse

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​La Fosse had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Robina Chatham after the release of her new book: Growing Yourself as a Leader: Technical Leadership Capabilities.

Dr. Robina Chatham has over 35 years of experience working in IT. She specialises in management development and executive coaching and is the co-author of 'Growing Yourself as a Leader: Technical Leadership Capabilities', written in collaboration with Professor Brian Sutton, with a foreword by Simon La Fosse.

The book describes six management techniques including unlocking your creative potential, learning by developing others and managing your time. These techniques promote the development of leadership capabilities with real-life examples, tips and mini exercises.

Simon La Fosse says of the book: “The structure of the book is constantly engaging and it’s encouraged me to think in entirely new ways about established topics.”

Read more about Robina Chatham and Growing Yourself as a Leader.
Or get your own copy of the book.

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