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What's Recruitment Like? #8

27/08/2019 By Alistair McCord

Interview with Alistair McCord, Consultant on the Cloud and Infrastructure team.

Ali Mccord joined the La Fosse family just over two years ago and has built a desk as a contract Cloud and Infrastructure Consultant. Since joining La Fosse, Ali has demonstrated resilience after going through the many ups and downs that a recruitment career can offer. Now, he is looking forward to continuing his success after his promotion to consultant 4 months ago.

"I got the best impression from La Fosse!"

After working in Brazil for two years as a teacher I guess I never really planned on getting a career in recruitment initially. I interviewed at a lot of companies, a mixture of search and contingent businesses but the approach that La Fosse took put me at ease in comparison to the others. The values of the business were very clear and made me less dubious about the industry as my Rec to Rec was pushy in comparison to the relaxed and honest interviews I had at La Fosse.


"I was surprised at how unprepared I was"

I'll never forget the first role I was given and pretty much had to roll with it and ask open questions! I had no idea about IT but I also surprised myself at how quickly I picked things up in my vertical. After about a month I was comfortable with the terminology and had the foundations of a strong network.
The toughest thing about this job is the emotional side of it and keeping it in check. It sounds cliché but it is an emotional rollercoaster and things can change in a split second. The key to that is not celebrating too much and if things fall through to stay calm.


"Tomorrow is a new day"

…And that's something I had to tell myself last year. It was a difficult time for me as I wasn't qualifying properly or sticking to the process which meant a lot of things fell through when I wanted to get promoted.
You must get out of your own head. If it's early in the day and things are going downhill, go to the gym, clear your head. If it's at the end of the day and there is nothing you can to do influence what has happened, go home, get a good night's sleep and come in fresh tomorrow. It's a new day and should be treated as a clean slate.


"I've made every mistake in the book, but at least it happened early on"

When I was an AC there were so many frustrating mistakes that happened, but I can take a learning from each one of them to have a strong desk as a consultant. In this job not everything will go your way, but if you are doing everything you can to control and tighten a process, then that is how you will get your success.


"Break everything down in to small chunks"

I'm someone who is incredibly process driven so use this to track things even as minute as leads so I can continuously build my pipeline for the future of my desk. There are three bits of advice that I stick to and that is: don't spread yourself too thin otherwise you'll burn out, don't take a role with a bad margin and a poor process and thirdly stick it out! It will come eventually.


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