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The IR35 tax legislation was introduced as a means of distinguishing between employees and self-employed contractors. At La Fosse, we've been following the development of this government legislation closely, and have taken advice from several sources on the matter, including APSCo, employment and tax lawyers, all the way through to individual contractors and other recruitment companies.

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IR35 Demystified A La Fosse Event

In advance of IR35 being implemented in the UK private sector on 6th April 2020, La Fosse hosted an exclusive IR35 panel event to inform businesses who hire contractors about the changes and help them prepare.

Follow-up blogs detailing the event's discussions can be accessed here:
IR35 Demystified: Liability
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IR35 Demystified: Assessment


​Kevin Barrow

Partner at Osborne Clarke

Kevin Barrow is a long-standing Partner of international legal practice Osborne Clarke, advising staffing companies on a variety of topics including commercial deals, mergers and acquisitions.

Since qualifying as a lawyer and beginning his career in Workforce Solutions and staffing in 1990, Kevin has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Among other pursuits, he has led campaigns surrounding regulation of online staffing and has advised on staffing/MSP deals covering 40 countries in the last 3 years. His team also advise on 10-15 M&A deals per annum in the sector .

Kevin has a storied history of discussing staffing changes in journals and other publications. Since IR35 was first suggested in the late ‘90s, he has spoken at over 100 seminars on the legislation and related matters. In the three years since the new regime’s introduction, Kevin has run workshops for no less than 170 companies on IR35.

We asked Kevin a couple of questions regarding his thoughts on IR35, ahead of our panel event this February:

What are you most looking forward to addressing at IR35 Demystified?
Several misconceptions about when liability will pass to the end user and how HMRC apply the IR35 test; new tax schemes to guard against; possible problems with some insurance backed IR35 compliance products and what other possible solutions there are.

What’s your top IR35 tip for employers?
Get your decision trees ready for different types of contractor.

​Daniel Haslam

Director at giant group

Daniel Haslam is Group Sales Director at giant group, an award-winning professional services firm specialising in the management of temporary staff, since 2016. Giant group provides end-to-end workforce management software and support services on a global scale for businesses of all sizes.

Prior to his work with giant, Daniel’s career in sales has stretched almost twenty years. After quickly progressing from a graduate role as a Sales Consultant to becoming a Sales Manager at Syscap, he spent six years heading up Paystream’s Internal Sales department, where he was responsible for all operational aspects of the sales process.

As part of his role at giant, Daniel gives independent IR35 advice to a wide range of business accounts, including self-assessment and specialist insurances. He has spoken at several BFI events and contractor open days for end clients this year, as well as having held over 30 breakfast and lunch seminars at giant over the last 2 years since the 2017 public sector IR35 changes.

We asked Daniel a couple of questions regarding his thoughts on IR35, ahead of our panel event this February:

What are you most looking forward to addressing at IR35 Demystified?
Highlighting the importance of supply chain compliance; reinforcing to La Fosse clients that they need to understand who is in their supply chain (i.e. umbrella companies); and highlighting the risks under IR35 and the Criminal Finance Act (CFA).

What’s your top IR35 tip for employers?
Don’t waste time! Under 3 months to go now – decide your assessment approach and make sure you know who is in your supply chain.

Tania Bowers

General Counsel at APSCo

Tania Bowers is an expert in employment, recruitment and talent on all levels, currently serving as General Counsel at APSCo – the Association of Professional Staffing Companies – where she is responsible for lobbying, public affairs, and liaising with government and stakeholders such as HMRC, among other responsibilities.

Tania has built a successful career as a solicitor within the recruitment industry, having worked in the professional staffing sector since 1999. Previously, Tania dedicated over a decade to her position as the Legal Director for FTSE-listed STEM recruiter SThree Plc, and still operates as a solicitor at APSCo Legal Affiliate Foxgrove Legal in addition to her General Counsel role.

With IR35 being such a pressing and current issue for both recruiters and employers, you may already have noticed Tania’s involvement in the wider IR35 discussion. She has hosted and presented at multiple events on IR35 for APSCo members and clients (including Recruitment Expo) and has also sat on panels such as the Kingsbridge IR35 insurance launch and APSCo co-chair HMRC’s IR35 Forum.

Tania is also in the midst of an ongoing programme of workshops for APSCo members in the lead up to April.

We asked Tania a couple of questions regarding her thoughts on IR35, ahead of our panel event this February:

What are you most looking forward to addressing at IR35 Demystified?
Given the review announced recently, there is continued uncertainty about the rollout. By the time of the event, we’ll have attended an HMRC roundtable feeding into the review.

I’m looking forward to hearing how clients are addressing the challenge of compliance – whether they are relying on HMRC’s CEST tool or other employment status reviews, whether they anticipate an increase in PAYE numbers, and whether they are considering working with consultancies delivering outsourced services - if so, for what type of services?

What’s your top IR35 tip for employers?
Don’t delay making status determinations and decisions on your supply chain until the outcome of the Chancellor’s review. Government has made it clear this is a review to ensure a smooth implementation of the reform in April. APSCo are telling the Chancellor and HMRC there is too much uncertainty – not least no finalised legislation or guidance – and that rollout must be pushed back or put on hold. However, as it stands, contractors on site will be in scope if contractually payment to them will fall on or after 5th April – if recruiters run monthly payrolls, this will be the beginning of March.

​Darren Offord

Client Director at Richard Adams Group

Darren Offord has been the IR35 Readiness Consultant for La Fosse since 2018 and the Client Director at Richard Adams Group since 2016. Through a career spanning over two decades, Darren has built a wealth of experience in supply chain management and transformation, supplier management software solutions, and the governance, risk and management of regulators and legislation.

Beginning his career in telecoms with firms such as NTL Telewest and Virgin, Darren moved into supplier relationship management through his work with Legal & General and Vodafone, before expanding into the public sector by advising the Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Having previously advised HMRC on the creation of their CEST (IR35 self-assessment) tool, Darren has been an invaluable member of the La Fosse team in preparing not just ourselves, but also our candidates and clients, for the impending IR35 legislation changes. He also frequents various forums and IR35 events as both a speaker and panellist.

We asked Darren a couple of questions regarding his thoughts on IR35, ahead of our panel event this February:

What are you most looking forward to addressing at IR35 Demystified?
Advising on the steps to undertake a watertight IR35 Readiness Programme implementation, as well as addressing the myriad of interesting questions that I always encounter.

What’s your top IR35 tip for employers?
Don’t panic! Avoid listening to unfounded rhetoric and get yourself some professional advice.

For more information on these changes, how IR35 is assessed, and what the new legislation means for your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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