La Fosse host a variety of specialised, targeted events for our customers and candidates, from forums on industry-specific topics and trends, to panels on wider themes including D&I, hiring, or maintaining culture in fast-growth environments, and even informal CV feedback and networking evenings. As well as providing industry professionals an opportunity to learn, share knowledge, and network, our events allow us to nurture networks and build closer relationships with leadership, and top professionals in candidate-light areas.

The Times and Sunday Times Tech Summit

La Fosse were excited to be supporting partner at the Times and Sunday Times Tech Summit on the 9th December 2021.

The summit brought together CIOs, CTOs and senior executives from across the UK to discuss data, cyber security, the skills gap, and set agendas for future tech innovation. In this panel, our very own Simon La Fosse was joined by a number of key industry players to discuss the current skills shortage in the UK, and the role we all play in stabilising supply and demand for future generations of workers.

Read the insights here.


CogX: How to Build an Inclusive Workspace

Date: June 2021

About: Claudia Cohen, Head of Client Services at La Fosse Academy will be speaking on a panel at the CogX festival. This panel, hosted by our partner,Tech Nation, will focus on the topic of “How to build an Inclusive Workplace”. The panel will be discussing effective and actionable D&I practices which should be implemented into any scaling business.

Our panelists included:

  • Claudia Cohen – Head of Client Services at La Fosse Academy
  • Izzy Obeng – CEO at Foundervine
  • Nikhil Shah – founder at Mixcloud, MakeMusic, All In.
  • Rowena Knapp – Chief Operating Officer

Diversity contribution:

La Fosse Academy has also contributed to theTech Nation Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit. The toolkit provides actionable insights and guidance to help founders build diverse and inclusive companies, and is set to be a key resource within the technology sector.

Get in touch:

CIONet’s: Digital Britain

Date: May 2021

About: La Fosse is excited to be partnering with CIONet for Digital Britain– a flagship community event that will question how we might harness innovation to conquer new markets.

Post Brexit and COVID, and as we enter the digital era, the UK needs to make its mark once more on the world economic stage. As a nation, we need a vision that maintains our position within the world’s leading economies, many of whom will be dominated by digital giants and scale-ups.

We need to accelerate the development of our up-and-coming enterprises into truly global digital businesses that can compete with firms from China, Asia and the USA. Post Brexit, we now have the necessary freedoms of action to enable us to achieve such an ambitious goal.

Simon La Fosse joined Trevor Didcock and others to discuss what the enablers are to make that happen?

Learn more: about our executive and CIO offerings here.

Scaling FinTech in a Recovering Economy

Date: May 2021

About: ​La Fosse is delighted to host our forthcoming event where we will be joined by four outstanding leaders to discuss and debate the huge opportunities presented by the rapidly growing FinTech sector.

Our panelists included:

For more insight, visit our Executive blog here.

Driving Digital Transformation within the Housing Sector

Date: April 2021

About: La Fosse and One CONSULTING are joining to hold two virtual roundtable discussions.

​Facilitated by: Cher Lewney– Transformation Consultant at One CONSULTING

Please contact Amy McCabe for further information.

Understanding Kotlin Multiplatform in a Commercial Environment

Date: March 2021

About: We are hosting London’s first Kotlin Multiplatform leadership event. During this event we discussed three separate business cases:

Why KMM?

  • Write once, deploy anywhere… while retaining native performance?
  • Can we standardise business logic?
  • Maximum code reuse between platforms?
  • Lower risk than cross-platform alternatives?

The Journey

  • Understanding the environment, embracing Multiplatform.
  • Jetbrains commitment to KMM.
  • Cross team collaboration and developers leaving their comfort zone.


  • Where are we today?
  • Was it worth it?
  • How has KMM impacted your business and technology strategies?

Our panelists included:

​Please contact Jacob Brown here for more information.

IR35 Demystified

​Date: January 2021

About: In light of the new IR35 legislation coming into effect in April 2021, La Fosse are hosting an exclusive event for our customers and partners. As well as unpacking the changes the new law will have on contracting in the private sector, we will give you the tools and knowledge required to maintain a competitive advantage in the talent market.

Our Panellists included:

David Roberts will be facilitating a panel of industry experts at the event.

Kevin Barrow– Partner at Osborne Clarke

Daniel Haslam– Director at Giant Business Connect

Dave Chaplin– CEO at IR35 Shield

Head to our IR35 hub today for an overview of the changes and a general FAQ.

Crisis Management: A NED Perspective

Date: December 2020

About: La Fosse Associates and Beringea co-hosted an exclusive virtual roundtable for a select group of C-suite, advisory and non-executive individuals. It focused on the topic of crisis management, and will explore a variety of areas, including:

  • How much support do the executive team need?
  • To fundraise or not to fundraise
  • Identifying opportunities for growth
  • Maintaining company culture
  • Managing the debt portfolio

La Fosse Chairman Jonathan McKay will be facilitating the discussion on Zoom, alongside Eyal Malinger,an Investment Director at Beringea

Please contact

Closing the Diversity and Inclusion Gap: A Cross-Industry Movement

Date: November 2020

About: La Fosse teamed up with an industry-leading corporate director to run an innovative D&I event.

We brought together individuals from the PE/VC, corporate and start-up worlds to discuss the challenges and opportunities they have faced, with the view to creating real, tangible change within the workplace.


  • Eric Collins– CEO, founding member and D&I speaker from Impact X Capital Partners
  • Francesca Warner– Co-founder of DiversityVC
  • Amrita Aurora– Previously leading business director and D&I at Amex
  • Amy Gilman– Head of People at Freetrade – PE-backed start up

Please contact

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion Through Technology and AI

​Date: September 2020

About: The future of working has come sharply into focus; with the working world changing faster than any of us could have predicted.

With these changes in mind, La Fosse teamed up with The HR Tech Partnership to deliver a virtual event to bring together HR, Tech and Business leaders for a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion, with a specific focus on technology and AI.

​This session discussed in detail how AI is shaping current people strategies, specifically relating to Diversity & Inclusion. We will look at some of the core problems facing our leaders today, and shed light on areas of best practice.

Our panellists included:

  • Lynn O’Connor, MSc FCIPD, Global D&I Specialist, Culture & Change Management, Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker
  • Pema Radha, Chief of Staff – Global Managed Services – EY
  • Devyani Vaishampayan, Managing Partner and AI Investment & Innovation Expert – HR TECH Partnership, Ex Chief HR Officer – Rolls Royce, Citigroup.

Please contact

Technology Leadership Forum Coping with COVID – Housing Sector

Date: August 2020

About: Following COVID-19, the world in which we operate will has significantly changed, and for a lot of organisations that will lead to a different approach when going about business. This event is for senior leaders in the housing sector to discuss what the key challenges are from an IT and business perspective in the Housing Sector, as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This event was hosted by Amy McCabe. Get in touch to learn more:

The Design Leadership Forum: Staying Connected

Date: July 2020

About: ​An exclusive event for design leaders within the UX/UI space to discuss the challenges of staying connected with our teams and our users.

This event was facilitated by Daniel Corder, Head of UX & Design at Gumtree.

Insurance Leadership Forum: Preparing the Insurance Industry for a More Agile World

Date: July 2020

About: The on-going pandemic has reinforced the case for agility in business practices and transformation programmes. Are you ready for this change?

Elo Akin facilitated this event and was joined by our panellists:


Digital Leadership Forum: Approaching Digital Transformations following Covid-19

Date: June 2020

About: ​Following COVID-19, the world in which we operate will have significantly changed, and for a lot of organisation that will lead to a different approach when going about transforming their business. This event is aimed at companies that were planning or beginning their digital transformation journey before the pandemic, and are now having to look at their IT landscape under a different light.

The discussion is for senior business leaders and will focus on experiences, plans, successes and failures of digital transformations, as well as looking at the shift of focus from a technology to business transformation, and the link between automation and transformation.

Facilitated by Amit Jeswani– Senior IT Transformation Leader | Head of IT | CTO | Head of Architecture

For more information, get in touch:

Exploring Wellness Through Technology and AI

Date: June 2020

About: Over the past few months, the future of working has come sharply into focus; with the working world changing faster than any of us could have predicted. With these changes in mind, La Fosse has teamed up with The HR Tech Partnership to deliver a virtual event to bring together HR, Tech and Business leaders for a panel discussion on wellness, with a specific focus on technology and AI.

This session discussed in detail how AI is shaping current people strategies, specifically relating to employee wellness. We will look at some of the core problems facing our leaders today, and shed light on areas of best practice.

Our speakers included:
Dan McCormick, Group Digital Products and AI Director/CIO – Rentokil Initial
Rachel Duncan, UK & Ire HR Director – Experian
Devyani Vaishampayan, Managing Partner and AI Investment & Innovation Expert – HR TECH Partnership | (Ex Chief HR Officer – Rolls Royce, Citigroup)


How to Establish Information Security

Date: March 2020

About: In this forum event, we discussed the steps involved in developing information security from the early stages of a business, working with little resource or completely from scratch.

Facilitated by: Ben de la Salle, CISO Advisor, CEO and Founder ICA Consultancy Ltd

For more info, email Brian Hinojosa

Product Leadership Forum: Product in a Crisis

Date: June 2020

About: Leading from home over this prolonged period has been a new experience for most of us. It’s required us to adapt and show flexibility as we try to limit the impact the current situation has on our business.

After a number of weeks adjusting, we’re putting together an event for the leadership community to discuss what we’ve learnt and what we can take forward including; the changing consumer behaviour, mental health and teamship, and how to keep your product relevant.]

Our panellists included:

  • Rosemary King– Product Management Leader, Founder – The Product Co-operative
  • Polly Howden– Product Director – Role Share, Founding Member – London Tech Ladies
  • Marc Abraham– Head of Product – Engagement at
  • Adriana Landaverde– Chief Product Officer – Clim8 Invest


Mobile Leadership Forum: What have we learned whilst leading from home?

Date: May 2020

About: Leading our teams from home over this prolonged period has been a new experience for most of us. It’s required us to adapt and show flexibility as we try to limit the impact the current situation has on our people, their ability to succeed and the environments we’ve created to enable that success. After a number of weeks adjusting, we’re putting together an event for the leadership community to discuss what we’ve learned from the current situation and the impact this is going to have on how we lead our teams going forward.

Our panellists included:


The Analytics Leadership Forum: Maintaining engagement for our teams as we shift to a remote culture

Date: May 2020

About: As we settle into our working from home routines, leaders are realising the importance of motivating teams while also supporting well-being and mindfulness during this huge cultural shift.

Facilitated by:

Daniel Gilbert– Director of Data at News UK

For more info, get in touch with

Preparing for Exit

Date: February 2020

About: Preparing for Exit is becoming a topic of increasing importance for the executive board and in particular CEO/Owners and Founders of SME’s.

There are a huge number of obstacles to overcome when looking to exit, whether that is via a PE buyout, MBO or trade sale. La Fosse have put together an expert panel to advise and share the experience they have cultivated over decades across different Executive board functions including NED/Chair, CEO and CFO.

Get in touch:

The Analytics Leadership Forum

Date: November 2019

About: For the first event, we discussed your role in leading initiatives, realising and proving the true value of analytics, and the challenges of structuring and growing your team.

Facilitated by:

Daniel Gilbert– Director of Data Technology at News UK

For more info, get in touch with –

Culture – How to Build an Effective Culture and Maintain It in a Fast-Growth Environment

Date: October 2019

About: Our fantastic panel shared their insights on how to build an award-winning company culture and how to maintain it in a high growth environment. This event was for C-Level Executives, Talent and People Leaders and Digital & Technology Directors who have culture on their agenda, whether they are looking to build, maintain or change the culture within their business. This event was facilitated by Ellen Donnelly– Head of Talent at Orkestro.

Our panellists included:

Jason Stockwood– Vice Chairman & CEO at Simply Business

Liz Robinson– Co-Director, Big Education

Simon La Fosse– Founder & Executive Chairman

If you would like to discuss maintaining a culture during growth in your organisation, get in touch:

Manchester CIO Forum #2

Date: October 2019

About: This is the second in a new series of events, Manchester CIO Forum. The theory is that a technology strategy should follow the business strategy. What if the reality is an imbalance in that thinking? The event discussed the maturity of strategic thinking across the business and how technology can lead and help.

This roundtable was facilitated by:
Jo Graham– CIO at London

Date: September 2019

About: We’re proud to announce that La Fosse CFO, Tony Morreale, spoke at this year’s London event, alongside Peter Heyer, Betty Huynh and Michael Joseph.

La Fosse Comes to The Bright Network Festival

Date: September 2019

About: We attended the Bright Network Festival, the UK’s number 1 graduate careers fair, to bring you the tools and advice needed to land your first job. We’ll be there with our own stand to speak to you face-to-face about life at La Fosse, and what it’s really like to work in recruitment.

The Rise of the Digital NED – Your Journey to the Boardroom

Date: July 2019


About: The Digital revolution is transforming the boardroom, and Non-Executive Directors can bring a much needed diversity of experience, age and gender. Women and technologists contribute valuable new perspectives, whilst gaining the strategic skills to drive their own careers forward.
This panel event showcased the stories of 3 inspirational female technology leaders who have successfully navigated the journey to the boardroom. We also heared a leading chairman and investor share his thoughts on why diversity matters at board level and why the D-NED is crucial to a company’s success.
The event was designed for CxOs from a technology background who are considering their first non-executive role or seeking to add a new NED role to their portfolio. It provided you with insight into what the role involves and the best steps to take to become a NED yourself.

Our panel included:

Board Chair: Jonathan McKay– Chairman of La Fosse, Forward Partners and CBNL.

Sian Jones– Technology Director & CIO: Clarks,BT & Accenture. Chief Executive Officer, NED and Deputy Chair at Xoserve.

Ramona Liberoff– COO: Innogy’s Innovation Hub, Advisory Board Member: ANDigital, CEO: Spring Accelerator, Angel Investor, Occasional founder, Innovation Advisor and Start-up mentor.

Bindi Karia– Advisory Board member of seven startups, and was recently appointed by World Economic Forum to their Digital Leaders of Europe Group.

Discussing Diversity

Date: June 2019

About: In the rapidly-evolving digital economy where skills are in high demand and low supply, building and retaining highly talented diverse teams is becoming ever more challenging. At our recent event, facilitated by Tech Talent Charter co-founder Debbie Forster MBE, (rated one of the UK’s most influential “Women in Tech”) we  heard from
the experiences and expertise of our inspirational cross-industry panel.

Our panellists included:

  • Ben Jones– Leading CTO at GfK, formerly Euromoney Institutional Investor & Paddy Power
  • Tessa Clarke– Co-Founder of OLIO and ‘Tech Personality of the Year’ winner 2019
  • Jessica Cecil – Director of BBC Online Project, Education Advisory board member & Trustee
  • Jacqui Lloyd– Senior VP & Apprenticeship Lead at Citi, previously “Early in Career” Talent Manager at Microsoft
  • Oliver Beach– Formerly Campus Director at global tech education school
  • KellyVickery– Employer Branding Manager at Kobalt, previously Head of Talent at Matches Fashion, & NET-A-PORTER

For more information get in touch with

Driving Digital: A Leadership Forum

Date: June 2019

About: This event is an intimate roundtable event for senior digital and marketing leaders, discussing the challenges of structuring digital teams and maintaining culture while scaling at pace.

The event was facilitated by:

Neil Morgan, CMO of GoCardless.

For more information about this or future events, please contact Lucie Cassius.

Dynamics 365: Leadership in Housing #2

Date: April 2019

About: This is the second of our series of our exclusive thought leadership roundtable event for C-suite, Directors, Heads of IT and overall sponsors of Dynamic 365 programmes.

This event was facilitated by: Ciara McMillan, Industry Director of Housing at Hitachi Solutions and John Kilner, Senior Solution Specialist at Microsoft.

Get in touch with

FinTech Design Summit 2019

Date: April 2019

About: The Fintech Design Summitpulls together the world’s most innovative FinTech companies; to talk about Product Design, UX and Strategy, with an ambition to create a
dialogue within the FS community, in order to accelerate the digital transformation of our financial services for generations to come.

For more information about this or future events, please contact Rosie O’Donoghue.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Implementing Agile

Date: March 2019

About:our experienced Agile Practitioners lead attendees through these common mistakes and suggested thought-provoking alternatives. Following a light meal, small round-table discussions gave attendees an opportunity to share challenges and solutions with peers. In true Agile fashion, the evening concluded with a Show-and-Tell which sparked a lively group debate.

Speakers included:

Rod Armstrong and Richard Hilsley

Mobile Leadership Roundtable

Date: March 2019

About: We were delighted to host our Mobile Leadership Roundtable. Getting the most from our mobile teams and what does “the most” mean to you? The latest instalment of this mobile leadership forum is going to focus on our mobile teams, how we maximise potential and what does that look like.

This event was facilitated by: Daniel Broad, Senior Technology Manager for Consumer Apps at Just Eat.

Get in touch: Krikor Hindoian

Data Science for IoT Meet-up

Date: February 2019

About: ​La Fosse is proud to sponsor The Data Science for IoT Meet-Up group, with Ajit Jaokar. These events explore the relationship between Data Science and The Internet of Things, and the application of predictive learning algorithms to the IoT datasets. In
essence, we explore the application of predictive learning algorithms to the IoT datasets. We also include Deep Learning.

Facilitated by Ajit Jaokar.


​Discovering UX in a Corporate World with UXCrunch and NewsUK

Date: April 2017

About: The La Fosse Digital Team was delighted to host a networking and learning event in partnership with UX Crunch & NewsUK. The event was aimed at those looking to implement and utilise UX within large corporate entities.

Our panelists included:
– Joe Frost – Head of UX and Design at News UK
– Leslie Fountain – Executive Director at Foolproof Agency
– Jim Stevenson – CEO of Bletchley Group – Innovator & Digital Strategist

Watch: Hear our speakers explain the power of placing UX at the center of a wider digital transformation strategy, and give their key suggestions in what UX professionals can do to help their client or company create better products, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes.

Get in touch: Rosie.O’