Contractor FAQ

How do I submit my timesheets & expenses?

Once your contract has been signed, you'll be added to our timesheet portal, inTime.

Do we get paid monthly or weekly?

All payments are made on a calendar month basis.

What is self billing/how do I invoice?

If you have signed the self-billing page on your contract, this means that La Fosse will raise all invoices on your behalf. However, if you would like to send us your own invoices, do let us know and please send these at the end of each month to timesheets@lafosse.com stating your name, place of work and month.

How do I know if my timesheet has been approved?

You'll be notified by email once a timesheet has been approved. You can also log in here and navigate to Timesheets >> Approved to see a full list.

How do I find copies of my old invoices?

You can download these easily by logging in here, navigating to Invoices >> Search and filling in the details of the invoice you wish to retrieve.

I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you click on the "forgotten password" button on the login page, this will generate a one-use password for you. Once you've logged in with this, you'll be asked to change it to something of your own choosing.

I'm not VAT registered yet, does that matter?

No. We can still process invoices for you minus VAT. If you later become VAT registered, just send us a copy of your VAT certificate and we can start adding this onto your invoice.

What constitutes proof of bank details?

This needs to be something from the bank which shows your account name, number and sort code. Please note, we can only pay the business bank account of the company you've chosen to contract through.

My line manager is away, how do I get my timesheets approved?

If your line manager is unable to approve your timesheets, please drop an email to timesheets@lafosse.com with an alternative email address for another manager who can approve on their behalf.

Can I have more than one approving manager on my placement?

Unfortunately, inTime only allows us to have one line manager per placement. If your first choice manager is not available to sign off on your timesheets, please follow the steps above.

I'm switching Ltd/Umbrella companies, what do I need to do?

Please email timesheets@lafosse.com with the details of your new company and the date you intend on switching over. You'll need to send us the following documents in order for us to amend your contract and our system:

Certificate of Incorporation

  • Proof of Business Bank Details

Insurances (Professional Indemnity of £500,000 per claim and Public Liability of £1m per claim)

VAT certificate (if applicable)

If your question isn't answered above or you'd like some more information, please contact your relevant consultant, email timesheets@lafosse.com, or call 020 7932 1635.​