How We Are Different

We offer a fundamentally different recruitment proposition to the rest of the marketplace and below are the key areas in which we feel we are unique.

Top to bottom

We recruit top to bottom in an organisation on a permanent and contract basis.
Our clients appreciate this ‘one-stop shop’ approach and it allows both parties to develop a more effective relationship.


Our shared equity model helps us attract, inspire and retain the best recruiters and motivates them to work together.  That shows up in a better service and better results for you.

Group ownership

We have the ownership and equity of the organisation spread across the employees, benefiting our clients with a higher quality and better motivated team of people working for them.

Innovative candidate generation

We use a wide variety of channels to generate candidates (Internet, advertising, search, networking, database search).
The result is that we are consistently able to present more effective shortlists of candidates.

Candidate care

We are committed to providing a complimentary support network (through Career Seminars) to all. We take time to help people with all aspects of job hunting and career management, bringing more candidates to us and increasing our credibility and profile in the marketplace.

Hear from our candidates.


We see outstanding delivery as a given and have a strong track record of success with our client base. Please see our client testimonials to hear directly from them. 

Thought leadership

We run high calibre thought leadership events on a regular basis. This helps to keep us up to date with the latest thinking,
ensures that we continue to build our candidate networks and allows us to put something back.


We are able to offer on-boarding coaching sessions for all senior candidates via a qualified coach.

Charitable donations

We are committed to donating to a variety of designated charities on an ongoing basis. Read about our CSR programme.

Carbon neutrality

We operate a tree planting scheme that enables us to exist without leaving a carbon footprint.