User Researcher responsibilities

User researchers typically have the following responsibilities:

  1. Conducting user research: The primary responsibility of a user researcher is to conduct user research studies to gain insights into the needs, behaviours, and attitudes of users.
  2. Defining research objectives: The user researcher is responsible for defining the research objectives and developing research plans to meet those objectives.
  3. Recruiting participants: The user researcher is responsible for recruiting participants for research studies, and ensuring that the participants represent the target user population.
  4. Conducting interviews and surveys: The user researcher conducts interviews and surveys with users to gather qualitative and quantitative data on their needs, behaviours, and attitudes.
  5. Analysing data: The user researcher analyses the data collected from research studies, and identifies patterns, themes, and insights.
  6. Presenting findings: The user researcher presents the findings from research studies to stakeholders, and makes recommendations based on the insights gathered.
  7. Collaborating with cross-functional teams: The user researcher collaborates with cross-functional teams, including designers, product managers, and developers, to ensure that user research findings are incorporated into product development.
  8. Conducting usability testing: The user researcher conducts usability testing on prototypes and products to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.
  9. Staying up-to-date with industry trends: The user researcher stays up-to-date with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in user research and product development.

Skills needed by User Researchers

To be a successful user researcher, you will need the following skills:

  1. Research skills: You need to have strong research skills to be able to design and execute user research studies that provide insights into user behaviour, attitudes, and needs.
  2. Communication skills: You need to be able to communicate research findings and insights to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner, and be able to adapt your communication style to different audiences.
  3. Analytical skills: You need to be able to analyse and synthesize research data to identify patterns, trends, and insights that can inform product development.
  4. Empathy: You need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of users and understand their needs, frustrations, and motivations.
  5. Collaboration skills: You need to be able to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including designers, product managers, and developers, to ensure that user research insights are incorporated into product development.
  6. Attention to detail: You need to be able to pay close attention to details when designing research studies, collecting and analysing data, and reporting research findings.
  7. Problem-solving skills: You need to be able to identify problems and opportunities for improvement based on user research insights, and work with cross-functional teams to develop and implement solutions.
  8. Technical skills: You need to be familiar with a range of research methods and tools, and have experience with data analysis software and platforms.
  9. Adaptability: You need to be able to adapt to changing project requirements, stakeholder needs, and user feedback, and be able to pivot research plans and approaches as needed.

User Researcher salary expectations

According to various job sites, the average salary for a User Researcher in the UK is around £35,000 – £55,000 per year. However, the exact salary can vary based on a variety of factors such as the level of experience, location, and company size. Some senior User Researchers with extensive experience can earn up to £70,000 or more per year. Additionally, salaries may also vary based on the industry or sector in which the User Researcher is employed, such as tech, finance, or government.

User Researcher

  • Location: London
  • Sector: Change and Transformation
  • Job type: Contract
  • Job functions: Product Manager
  • Salary: £500 – £600 per day + Inside IR35​


You will help teams develop an understanding of the people who use a service. The findings enable teams to design and build better services quickly and to continuously improve services, based on data and evidence.

You will plan and lead user research activities, build user centred practices and align user research activities with wider plans to inform service proposals.


  • Plan, design and carry out user research activities to support the design, development and continuous improvement of complex services for all our users – the public, providers, stakeholders and staff
  • Organise the recruitment of user research participants including working with recruiters where needed
  • Prepare discussion guides and scripts to support user research sessions.
  • Facilitate/moderate user research sessions
  • Lead analysis of research data and produce clear and actionable findings, including working closely with colleagues to create a rich picture of user behaviour
  • Communicate user research findings to help the team and wider organisation develop a deep understanding of users and their needs
  • Work closely with the multidisciplinary team to turn user research findings into stories and actions that lead to valuable product and service features
  • Align user research activities with organisational strategy to inform the roadmap of service development
  • Embed user-centred design practices into the work of the organisation’s teams
  • Mentor and guide more junior user researchers to assure and improve research practice
  • Contribute to the wider government user research community​

Essential criteria

  • Excellent oral and published written communication skills
  • Experience of delivering in an agile environment
  • Knowledge of health and social care or regulatory environments
  • Experience of managing multiple projects
  • Experience of dealing with senior stakeholders
  • Experience of advocating for user research and engaging sceptical colleagues and stakeholders
  • Experience of helping teams adopt user-centred service design and delivery practices and embedding them into their agile workflow
  • The ability to understand the complex problems a team is trying to solve, and align user research activities to inform decision making and action
  • Experience of helping teams adopt a wide range of user research methods, analysis and synthesis techniques and approaches to presenting and sharing findings
  • Proven experience of introducing new user research methods into a team, and guiding colleagues in the choice and effective application of research methods
  • A good understanding of the social and technological context for public sector services and experience of aligning user research activities to help teams understand changing user behaviour

User Researcher

  • Location: City of London, London
  • Sector: Product, Design & UX/UI
  • Job type: Contract
  • Salary: £400 – £425 per day


Our London based client is currently looking for a User Researcher to join them on a 2 month piece work. Previous government/GDS or public sector experience will be preferred.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Research plan defined and implemented including desk and field research;
  • Engagement with internal users and end users
  • User research activities with key personas, identify and undertake at least one round of research with participants with assisted digital and accessibility needs
  • Research findings report written and presented to senior stakeholders
  • Creating of customer experience map
  • Capability building with internal researcher – coaching, shadowing and task sharing
  • Save work onto SharePoint

Senior User Researcher

  • Location: London
  • Sector: Product , Design & UX/UI
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Job functions: Digital Director
  • Salary: £80000 – £90000 per annum​
  • Industry sector: Insurtech


Incubated by a leading insurtech company, and in collaboration with a global technology platform and a leading UK University, you’ll be working on a digital and algorithmically driven syndicate. It provides easy-access online platform services to brokers and clients, including leading financial services and businesses. This digital platform was the largest fintech start-up (in any sector) in the UK in 2020 and is on track to become the largest insurtech globally by the end of 2021.

As a Senior User Researcher, you will:

  • Act as the SME for user research as a discipline and a practice
  • Lead design research activities including research planning and fieldwork execution
  • Identify the best methodologies to test hypotheses
  • Ensure the qualitative work is contextualised to broker values
  • Ensure the quantitative work meets statistical rigor to understand user behaviours
  • Work with the development team to refine how insights are implemented
  • Collaborate with product owners to devise appropriate research strategies
  • Work with designers and developers to turn user data into actionable requirements that feed into prototype development