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Support Engineer Job Description

What is the role of a support engineer?

A support engineer’s role will be to monitor systems, software and hardware and keep track of any developments. You will also be helping customers and colleagues by resolving issues/troubleshooting and helping colleagues and clients resolve any technical issues they may be having. You will also be providing answers and instructions on how to resolve technical and more complex problems to clients.


  • Support the implementation of new applications and solutions

  • Identify solutions to software and hardware issues and diagnostics

  • Troubleshoot technical issues

  • Preparing new starters equipment and software set up

  • Assist clients in solving technical issues in person, over email or over the phone

  • Manage multiple open cases at once

  • Provide accurate reporting, documentation, and technical knowledge

  • Support release of new applications and test new technology and applications

  • Create a good relationship with both customers and other people such as software developers

  • Aiding in shaping how IT supports the business as a whole

Tech Stack:

  • Microsoft Azure stack

  • Powershell

  • Cloud computing

  • DNS

  • VPN

  • LDAP

Types of support engineer:

  • Applications support specialist

  • Help desk operator

  • Maintenance engineer

  • Technician


  • A degree in a relevant field, like computer science, software engineering, IT is necessary

  • Qualifications in Microsoft, Cisco or similar is appreciated

  • Previous experience as a technical support engineer or IT engineer/technician is useful

  • Good understanding of computer systems and tech

  • Ability to communicate technical issues to customers and colleagues

  • Be able to work on and manage several open cases/issues at once

  • Ability to think logically and solve problems

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Ability to time manage and organise workload

  • Brilliant customer service skills  

Professional Development:

Within your role you will be able to complete different training courses usually offered by companies, these can include IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft. These will all enable you to enhance your understanding and develop your knowledge and expertise in particular areas. You will also have the opportunity to move to a more specialised role either within your company or elsewhere once you have gained experience or become a supervisor within your department. Alternatively, you can move to other roles within your sector which include a software engineer role or a network engineer.

Alternative careers:

  • Network Engineer

  • Application Analyst

  • Technical sales engineer

  • Penetration tester