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Data Architect Job Description

What is the role of a Data Architect?

As a Data Architect, you will be responsible for designing and managing all aspects of a company's database, including its structure and installation. Additionally, a data architect is responsible for defining strategic needs for data, providing design reports in alignment with these needs, and aligning the company's data architecture with its business goals.


  • Design data architecture assets that are in line with long-term business objectives

  • Analyse existing SQL queries for performance improvements

  • Provide management and executive teams with accurate database design and architecture reports

  • To ensure functionality, install and configure information systems

  • Cooperate with the team to ensure system architecture meets the needs in terms of structure and details

  • Perform regular tests, troubleshooting, and install new features to monitor system performance

  • Write computer code, in a variety of languages, to enhance and upgrade software and applications

  • Create database solutions to save and manage company data

  • Train and provide one-on-one assistance to staff members

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Excel

  • SQL

  • Oracle

  • Tableau

  • AWS

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  • Previous experience as a Data Architect, Data Analyst or in a similar role

  • A degree in computer science, or similar degree

  • Analytical and physical data modelling experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • An analytical thinker with a problem-solving mentality

  • A good understanding of compiling and assessing system requirements

  • Proven experience in data analytics and database design

  • Experience of leading and collaborating with external business partners