What is the role of a BI consultant?

As a Business Intelligence (BI) consultant, you will be responsible for assisting a company to improve their data strategy and internal operations. In this role, you will analyse business operations through identifying, validating, sorting, and producing data that will guide decision-making to improve business operations.


  • Collect, analyse, and verify market and company data

  • Test, install, and report BI systems

  • Create reports, on performance metrics, for decision-makers in collaboration with data analysts

  • Support project managers in creating project plans, including budgets, schedules, and forecasts

  • Employ best practises to meet project goals and objectives

  • Present information using data visualisation methods explaining the function of business intelligence to stakeholders

  • Create prediction models and machine learning algorithms

  • Keep up with the most recent market trends and ongoing business advancements

  • Ensuring the privacy and security of any information used in BI activities, including data and documents

Tech Stack

  • Tableau

  • Power BI

  • SAP BI

  • SQL

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  • A degree in computer science, data analytics or similar degree

  • Previous experience as a BI Consultant or in a similar role

  • Expertise in data processing frameworks, report writing, and business intelligence tools (such as Power BI)

  • Understanding of data mining

  • A critical thinker with a problem-solving mentality

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • An individual who works well in a team and possesses a wide range of abilities, including project management, coaching colleagues, strategy development, with presentation and analytical skills

  • Interest in interpreting and analysing qualitative data is required

  • Excellent reporting and statistical skills