La Fosse has been rated by its employees among The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018. This is the sixth year in a row that La Fosse has been ranked in these competitive and prestigious awards, and in fact, are the only recruitment company to be listed in the top 40 for the last six years.

On the recent ranking, Simon La Fosse, Executive Chairman and Founder of the organisation, said:

“I founded La Fosse with the vision of creating a co-owned recruitment firm that treated everyone with care and respect.

And we know that we can’t ask our staff to treat their clients and candidates well without looking after them in the first place. So, I’m delighted to have ranked for our sixth consecutive year in the Top 40 as it proves that 11 years on, we’re still on the right path.”

The feedback from La Fosse employees was overwhelmingly positive. 96% of staff felt that their job was good for their personal growth, whilst 98% agreed that the company is run on strong values and principles.

The consistently high-placement is a testament to the hard work La Fosse has put in to creating a positive work environment for its employees.

And, the organisation has grown quickly because it has remained true to the ideal of treating everyone well.

This is evidenced by their results: achieving both a top 40 ranking in the ‘Best Companies to Work For in the UK’ for the last six years and, over the same period, a compound annual growth of 38.2%, more than three times the industry average. La Fosse also has a top 5% overall Glassdoor rating (4.8 for company, 99% approval for CEO), further supporting their shared vision.

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