​La Fosse is host to an exclusive series of events connecting Engineering leaders across different industries and backgrounds. These events are a space for leaders to come together to openly and confidentially share ideas with their peer group.

The Engineering Forum – Leaders in Finance

Date: July 2019

This is the first in a new series of events, The Engineering Forum: Leaders in Finance.

This discussion is for leaders of engineering teams and CTOs within FinTech and Financial Services. It will focus on some of the core difficulties faced in the shifting world of engineering.

Facilitated by Mark Allcock – CTO.

The forum started with an introduction from Mark Allcock, a co-founder of 10x Banking, then followed by a round-table discussion on scaling teams, funding and the importance of API’s.


The Engineering Forum – High-performance with the Microsoft Stack

Date: December 2019

“High-performance with the Microsoft Stack” is the second in our roundtable series of The Engineering Forum.

An invite-only, intimate roundtable discussed the challenges of managing distributed teams, scaling teams while maintaining quality, conveying the benefits of agile to stakeholders, and creating optimal culture.

Facilitated by Sean Rodrigues – Head of Engineering at Trainline.

Engineering Leadership Forum – Leading in Lockdown

Date: June 2020

About: What can we take away from the time we have spent working from home?

Leading our teams from home over this prolonged period has been a new experience for most of us. It’s required us to adapt and show flexibility as we try to limit the impact the current situation has on our people, their ability to succeed and the environments we’ve created to enable that success. After a number of weeks of adjusting, we’re putting together an event for the leadership community to discuss what we’ve learned from the current situation and the impact this is going to have on how we lead our teams going forward.


• Physical / Mental Wellbeing

• Managing disruption

• Productivity vs Burnout

• Future of remote working

Facilitated by Ben Flowers– Engineering Leader at BCGDV


Engineering Leadership Forum – Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Top Talent

Date: 17th November 2022

Read the event takeaways here.

Attracting, developing, and retaining the industry’s top talent has always been of paramount importance, and is becoming increasingly difficult in a post-covid world.

This event provided an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with your peers, and gain insights into how businesses are approaching this challenge.

This event was facilitated by Gareth Tupper – Head of Engineering at NewDay.​