La Fosse is host to an exclusive series of events connecting React Native leaders across different industries and backgrounds. These events are a space for leaders to come together to openly and confidentially share ideas with their peer group.

These events are hosted by Jacob Brown – get in touch to learn more or attend: 02079322075 |

​Read about our previous React Native Leadership Forum events:

React Native Leadership Forum – React Native with Yonder

Date: June 2022

This exclusive roundtable debated the current mobile development landscape, recapped React Native’s pros and cons, discussed new developments in the React Native ecosystem, and explored ideas around scaling your mobile engineering team.

This event was facilitated by:

Harry Jell – Co-Founder and CTO of Yonder
Henry Moulton – Principal Software Engineer at Yonder


React Native Leadership Forum – React Native with Ovo Energy

Read the key takeaways here

Date: January 2021

OVO discussed their use of the framework, its challenges, and potential.

The event was led by:
Daniel Tinkov, Software Engineering Manager for customer excellence (CE) and responsible for mobile strategy at OVO
Tom Sherman, a senior engineer on the CE team.

React Native Leadership Forum – FinTech and Finance

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Date: June 2020

​Our second React Native Leadership Forum will be discussing React Native within FinTech/Finance. Our topics included:
• React Native and mobile development landscape
• Engineering practices
• Real world challenges in Finance/FinTech
• Security

The evening was facilitated by:
Liz Warner– CTO and VP of Engineering

Stefano Restaino
Omer Duzyol
Shaun Bohannon
Aubrey Stearn

React Native Leadership Forum Launch

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Date: May 2020

About: The highs and lows of News UK’s journey towards React Native. Is React Native here to stay?

This was the first in a new series of events, where w explored predictions on the future for React Native – is this technology solution here to stay?

This forum discussed News UK’s journey towards React Native, looking at their experiences (and pitfalls) along the way.

Co-facilitated by:

Jeremy Burns, Head of Software Engineering at News UK

Chris Hutchinson, Principal Engineer at The Times (News UK)