La Fosse are delighted to be hosting the next in series for our Product Leadership Forum in partnership with Equal Experts. This event is an exclusive roundtable for product and mobile leaders where we will discuss: Product vs Platform; The Mobile Team Dilemma.

About the event:

The typical organisation of mobile teams forces a choice between Product and Platform, but when is each appropriate?

Join us to discuss:

  • How technology has evolved and influenced the Product vs Platform challenge
  • Considerations for hiring the right teams
  • A decision-making framework to help choose the appropriate team strategy, and the resulting trade-offs
  • Predictions for the next five years

This event will be facilitated by Paul Stringer – Head of Mobile at Equal Experts

After a lifelong obsession with technology and Macs since 1985, Paul developed one of the world’s first mobile cloud services,, in 2003, then with the launch of the iPhone began building applications for iOS. Paul has since continued to work in the mobile industry in London for companies including Sky, Apple and now as Head of Mobile at Equal Experts as one of the industry’s seasoned mobile practitioners.

About Equal Experts:

Equal Experts is a network of talented, experienced software consultants, specialising in agile delivery. At Equal Experts, their approach to mobile in the same way as any other engineering or delivery challenge. In-depth expertise and an uncompromising approach to quality make all the difference, and that’s what their background of engineering rigour and proven delivery practices brings.

This event will include networking, refreshments, and insightful discussion.

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