La Fosse is proud to co-organise the JavaScript London Meetup, hosted by Richard Moss and Sam Barcia. Bringing together a community of people passionate about JavaScript, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing – and it’s also the most rewarding.

Richard originally engaged with Sam and La Fosse during his latest role. Both Sam and Ricahard shared their keen interest in building the best community for JavaScript professionals, so together they committed to host more frequent and varied events, bringing together both their connections and experiences.




Our next event:

TypeScript patterns and Serverless Framework within JavaScript, in partnership with Rightmove

This event is now at capacity. Thanks for your interest, we will be sharing our next event shortly. If you wish to learn more, please reach out to Sam Barcia.

Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 6:00

This meetup will be in person, kindly sponsored by Rightmove and including pizza 🍕, beer 🍻, and maybe some additional surprises 🙂


Useful TypeScript patterns you might not know about – Apurva Deshpande

In this talk, we’ll explore some helpful techniques to get the most out of the TypeScript compiler (including type predicates and discriminated unions) with examples. We’ll also take a look at decorators, new in TypeScript 5.0, and how they can make your developer life easier.

Serverless Framework: Fully managed micro-services on cloud without the stress of a server – Nicola Cogotti

In this talk, we’ll explore how to use Serverless Framework to create complex infrastructures deployed on public clouds (AWS in particular, but all major clouds are supported) to meet the highest quality standards in the most cost-effective way using Typescript. Case study: How the ROH are leading the way in digital transformation using cloud and Serverless technology

Full agenda:

  • 6:00pm: Doors open. Grab a pizza slice, sip a beer, and start chatting with other attendees.
  • 6:30pm: Welcome remarks by Sam and Richard. We’ll set the stage for an enriching night of learning and fun.
  • 6:35 – 7:05pm: First talk by Apurva Deshpande on ‘Useful TypeScript patterns you might not know about’.
  • 7:05pm: Toilet break and networking time. Use this chance to discuss the talk or connect with other members!
  • 7:20 – 7:50pm: Second talk by Nicola Cogotti on ‘Fully managed micro-services on cloud without the stress of a server’.
    Case Study: How the ROH are leading the way in digital transformation using cloud and Serverless technology.
  • 7:50pm: Closing remarks and an optional pub visit. Let’s wrap up the evening with final thoughts and, if you’d like, continue the conversation at the pub!

Sponsor: Rightmove

Rightmove is one of the leading online property portals in the UK, changing the way people buy, sell, and rent properties. Our goal is to help you find the home of your dreams! At Rightmove, we use modern technologies, including React with TypeScript for front-end operations and a mix of Node and Java back-end services running inside Docker containers on the cloud.

Our inclusive culture, which emphasises collaboration, teamwork, and creativity, sets Rightmove apart. We have a passion to deliver the best property search experiences possible for our online consumers and the most effective business services for our estate agent customers.

If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, then take a look at our tech blog: or come along to the meetup!