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We need a cultural change. More women than ever are entering the tech industry, but half of them will leave by the age of 35.

How do we keep women engaged to stay in the tech industry? And how do we empower women to not just stay, but thrive in their tech careers?

La Fosse was proud to partner with Preqin and the Tech Talent Charter to host a unique event that explores these issues.

See some pictures from our event here:

4 photos from an event with speakers, audience members, and the poster with event name

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During an afternoon of discussions and workshops, we covered:

Gender-equal promotion and progression

Top talent can be retained by providing ambitious, achievable, and fair development opportunities proportional to available diverse talent. Companies should utilise audits, use data efficiently, create inclusive reward cultures, and promote gender-equal development plans.

Family-friendly cultures

Often this is looked at as motherhood bias, but companies need to ensure they are supporting and developing all those in a carer position. Strong parental leave policies, which generally extend into a fairer and more inclusive work-life balance composition, will provide a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

Overcoming hostile work environments

Every workplace should enable open and authentic discussions and identify individual hires with the right values and culture fit. This starts by recognising and responding to microaggressions at work.

Recognising and reducing the gender pay gap

Companies need to identify the different causes of the gender pay gap, then use this data and knowledge to create equal structures, opportunities, support, ethics, and approval processes.

Education and allyship through support networks

All employers have a responsibility to take immediate and meaningful action to illuminate bias or prejudice in the workplace, as well as effectively champion and support people to develop and enjoy work equally. Networks that represent and nurture the needs, views, and ambitions of employees are vital to ensure that a diverse scope of voices are recognised.

From our series of group activities, we’ll co-create a toolkit of practical tips to implement and track within your own business. This was led by thoughts from our panellists.