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How Do I Sell Myself In An IT Interview?

Karina Oluwo

27 November 2019

by Karina Oluwo

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​Getting a job interview right relies upon a number of factors, and in IT it can be quite difficult to make sure you are not only meeting the technical requirements but also selling yourself. Selling yourself is all about having the right qualities either on display or evident in your communication.

Your first job is to look the part. This is not as straightforward as it used to be because most IT employers now have workplaces that can operate a wide variety of dress codes. However, with any position, IT or otherwise, it is always advisable to turn up in smart dress. This way you communicate immediately that you are professional.

To that end, invest in or find a good suit or set of clothes that truly look professional. It is always advised to wear a tie if you are a man, and very smart business clothing whatever gender you are.

Do your homework

To make the right impression and make sure that you sell yourself, it is important to let the interviewer know that you understand the company and how it works. If there is some recent news around the company and its projects, ask a question about it. There is nothing more attractive in a candidate than being up to date with company and industry news. Make a point of asking questions about the company or industry and this will set you apart from many of the candidates.

Tell a strong story

IT companies want personalities; people who fit in with a group and can be great team members. This means telling a good strong anecdote of when you solved a problem that revolves around coding with your current or last employer, for example. It means telling an interviewer how you added value to an IT project, and the impact it had on everyone else in the team. It is not even about making you look good, but more about how you helped others. This makes you a much more attractive prospect than the candidate who only sings their own praises all the way through the interview.

Know your worth

The elevator pitch is really important still, and if you can explain your value in a short sentence or two, you will be a much more attractive candidate. Practice this at home before the interview, and be ready to drop the pitch at any point in conversation. If you are able to (at certain intervals) go back to why you are such a valuable IT employee and express yourself concisely and engagingly.

I hope this blog was useful! Selling yourself in an interview is all about making sure you know what you are worth, and creating a compelling narrative out of your experience so far.

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