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Life After Lectures: What You Didn't Know About Your First Job

26 April 2017

by Karina Oluwo

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​Prepare yourself for a flying start when you land your first graduate position.

Rachel Green from Friends says 'I'm gonna get one of those job things'

If you’re about to complete university, congratulations! It looks like you’re kicking some serious life goals. So now that your studies are over, what next? Your first job, of course. With these lesser-known tips that you won’t have learned in the classroom, you’ll be able to jump into your first role more confident, more focused and more excited for the years ahead.

You are essential for your company’s future.

Sure, you don’t have much experience. But you bring the kind of fresh thinking, Millennial mindset and digital-first savvy that companies need to drive their future success. Be confident – you’re in demand and you deserve to be treated with care and respect.

It’s your first role, not your last.

Good companies let graduates experience different roles internally to find the perfect fit. Now is the perfect time to test the waters with your career in a company that offers a wide variety of positions, a range of projects and exposure to different industries.

David Brent from The Office

Graduates should be seen and heard.

If you find yourself in an admin function in your first job, don’t let your talent go to waste. Put your hand up for every opportunity, no matter how scary it seems. You’ll develop essential skills, learn more about the company and make important connections. Remember – it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

Your learning doesn’t stop here.

Lectures are over, but that shouldn’t mean your learning is done. In some ways, it’s just getting started. On the bright side, you get paid. Most companies offer training and development programmes to further enhance your skills and speed up your progress.

The fun also doesn’t stop here.

It’s unlikely your office is as loose as the uni bar, but we guarantee you’ll have just as much fun along the way. If you’re with the right company, you’ll soon be jetting off on work holidays, away days and team socials where you can let your hair down with your peers.

You’re about to make lifelong friendships.

You’ve spent years bonding with your uni mates over coursework and cut-price beers. But don’t forget that your workmates will soon be who you spend the majority of your time with. Put the effort into getting to know your team, say yes to after-work invites and you can look forward to making amazing memories with people you admire, respect and – let’s be honest - probably love a little bit too.

At La Fosse Associates, we treat everyone with care and respect, no matter what their position. We offer a variety of rewarding recruitment roles that let graduates spread their wings, flex their muscles and make a real difference in our company. Plus, we have plenty of fun along the way. (check out 120 penguins on our most recent ski trip to the Alps):

The La Fosse team dressed as penguins on their annual ski trip to the Alps

Contact us today about a grad position at one of the UK’s best companies to work.

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