​One peculiarly British term when it comes to graduate recruitment is the “milkround”. It’s nothing to do with delivering milk, but has everything to do with finding the best graduates to employ. If you’re reaching the end of your studies and wondering how to secure your first job, then here’s how to use the milkround to your advantage.


How the Milkround Works

In a world of internet job boards and Skype interviews, the milkround is reassuringly old-fashioned. The concept hasn’t changed in decades. Companies send employees out to various universities and colleges across the UK, usually between October and February. They put on presentations, receptions, meet and great sessions, or often just have a stand at graduate fairs.

The idea is to allow students to meet some of the people working for the company, hear about the opportunities available, and find out about training programmes. Usually, the visits will be coordinated through the university careers office, to ensure that visits are spread out. Although the presentations are generally informal, students who make a good impression on the members of staff may be at an advantage when it comes to applying in the future.

Career Fairs

Another important aspect of the milkround are career fairs. There are dozens of these fairs across the country. Some might be aimed at students in a particular discipline such as engineering or accountancy, others welcome all students. La Fosse’s graduate scheme doesn’t ask for a particular degree – its much more down to how you perform in our application process – we’re assessing for those who are values-led, driven and commercially-minded, with the potential to be upskilled.

From a student’s point of view, careers fairs are incredibly valuable. Students can find out about dozens of opportunities in a very short period of time, and ask questions directly to recruiters and current employees. Universities often organise careers fairs for their students, and in larger cities a central fair might be held for students from all over the city.

The Online Milkround

The growth of the internet is changing how we do lots of things, and this has benefits for students who have fewer milkround opportunities. Employers simply don’t have the resources to visit every university, or even every city where a university is located.

If you feel that you’re missing out to students at larger institutions, then you’ll still be able to access most of the information online. You should also be able to apply for most graduate training schemes online. It’s the job of a university careers office to help you find vacancies and advise on your CV and application form.

Milkround Timescales

Graduate training schemes usually begin in September. If you miss the deadline, don’t panic; it’s not unknown for employers to re-open applications after the first round of interviews if there aren’t a wealth of sufficiently strong candidates.

The La Fosse graduate scheme fast-tracks your career by teaching you all the skills necessary to launch a successful career in professional services, without having to compromise on salary or give up your summer.

It’s currently open for applications – in fact; we’ve already accepted individuals who finishing uni this summer. If you’re wondering whether to start your career or travel first, check-out our article on how you can do both with La Fosse.