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Talent Strategy

La Fosse has been privileged to work with many of Europe’s fastest growing tech businesses, and we’ve discovered that the founders of these amazing companies generally agree on one thing. And it’s this: they all credit their ability to attract, assess and retain top talent as the defining feature of their success.

Harnessing this insight, and our own experiences as a high-growth enterprise, we’ve created a Talent Strategy division. We help companies who are scaling at pace - Seed, Series A and Growth – with their people strategy. At its core, this means advice, coaching, and training to help you develop your own world-class talent acquisition and retention capabilities in-house.


As a seed business, one of your biggest challenges is that you can do anything - but you can’t do everything.

Talent Strategy Guide

This is why our primary offering at Seed stage is a Talent Strategy Guide. This is an end-to-end audit of current talent processes, outlining your strengths and development areas, with recommendations for short-term and long-term goals.

This will enable you to build a Talent Strategy Minimum Viable Product, setting a precedent for the way your business will attract, assess, develop and retain talent in the future.

Hear from someone we've helped:

"What marked Andrew and La Fosse out was that they had a practical as well as theoretical understanding of the challenges of rapidly scaling a team, having trebled their own headcount in the last few years. That practical empathy, as well as the visibility across many companies solving similar problems, helped us think through the issues we faced in a quite different way from how they were being approached. We came away from our session with a number of near-term actions to implement as well as a range of longer-term objectives to build towards. It was so helpful to us, I've already recommended what they offer to another early-stage founder."
 Mazdak Sanii | COO |  Boiler Room

Series A

Post Series A, your business has successfully received significant funding from your investors, and now you’re trying to grow fast.

While you’re under pressure to perfect your product-market fit and build a scalable revenue blueprint, we can help ease some of the pressure by developing and improving your talent processes.

Our Series A Core Solutions Pack offers:

Profiling of your Business: defining the qualities and behaviours that make someone successful within your business, so you can identify these in potential candidates.

Assessment & Interview Training: creating an objective hiring process to quickly identify and onboard the best talent, enabling you to scale at pace.

Managing for Performance Training: establishing a ‘Managing for Performance’ process which sets out the fundamentals whilst allowing for tailoring and flexibility.

Hear from someone we've helped:

“FYXER is an early stage business that has started to experience what it means to scale. We engaged La Fosse to equip us with the management and leadership skills to achieve the growth we are looking for. The training was well thought-through & highly bespoke, as they took the time to really understand our business and our specific challenges. It was obvious how much they’ve learnt from scaling their own business, and you could really feel the empathy they had for us in every training session. The feedback from the team who went through the training has been extremely positive - they gained the crucial skills needed to take on more management responsibility. I’d strongly recommend any business at our stage to use La Fosse as they scale. The amount we learnt was incredible and we’ll definitely be using La Fosse in the future!”
Richard Hollingsworth | CEO & Co-Founder |  Fyxer


Post Series B & C, your business has started to mature, and your product has proven itself within the market. Now you need to make sure your reputation as an employer is up to the same standard as your product.

Our Growth Core Solutions Pack offers:

Profiling Individual Functions: defining the qualities and behaviours that make someone successful within a role and embedding them into your talent processes.

Assessment & Interview Training: creating a robust and replicable hiring approach for your business and teaching hiring managers to objectively interview talent.

Future Business Leaders Training Programme: ensuring first-time managers have the support, knowledge and skills to achieve rapid speed to competence in the role.

Hear from someone we've helped:

“I think that the training felt much more powerful landing in Seedrs as it came from a business who has experienced first-hand the growing pains tied to scaling a business. We were able to learn from their experiences, reducing potentially detrimental miss-hires and the financial risks associated with them.”

Liz Alexander | HR & Operations Manager| Seedrs

Working with fast-growing technology businesses has been at our core since the beginning. Speak with our Talent Strategy team to find out how we can help.

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