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Talent Strategy

We’ve been privileged to work with many of Europe’s fastest growing tech businesses over the years and we’ve discovered that the founders of these amazing companies generally agree on one thing.

And it’s this: they all credit their ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent as the defining feature of their success.

Conversely, we’ve seen many organisations enjoy remarkable early success and then, unfortunately, fade away as they try to scale at pace.

Our own experience of rapid scaling has been salutary and while, as experts in this space, we’d like to be able to say we’ve got it all right, we simply haven’t. We've made all sorts of mistakes and crucially, we’ve learnt a huge amount along the way.

Out of this we’ve created a Talent Strategy offering. This draws on our own real-world experience and leverages our deep knowledge of talent acquisition to help you to scale at pace and with confidence.

At its core, it’s advice, coaching, and training to help you develop the skills and processes in-house that will allow you to become world class at talent acquisition and retention. Each assignment is necessarily bespoke and tailored to where you are and where you want to get to.

Broadly speaking, the offering covers two main areas: Seed and Series A/B.

1. Seed Stage Businesses

As a seed business, one of your biggest challenges is that you can do anything but you can't do everything.

We take a deeply pragmatic approach, helping you to simply get out of the starting blocks in the right way. It’s tailored to exactly where your current pain points are – a talent acquisition MVP as it were.

To bring this alive, hear from someone we've helped:

"What marked Andrew and La Fosse out was that they had a practical as well as theoretical understanding of the challenges of rapidly scaling a team, having trebled their own headcount in the last few years. That practical empathy, as well as the visibility across many companies solving similar problems, helped us think through the issues we faced in a quite different way from how they were being approached. We came away from our session with a number of near-term actions to implement as well as a range of longer-term objectives to build towards. It was so helpful to us, I've already recommended what they offer to another early-stage founder."

Mazdak Sanii | COO |  Boiler Room


2. Series A & B Businesses

In 2016 and 2017 we scaled our business by over 100 people and it was one of the greatest challenges we've faced. We discovered that our ability to assess talent properly and the capability of our leadership team to on-board and integrate people effectively was critical to our success.

So, built specifically for Series A and B businesses, we've designed two core training modules. The first is about helping you to identify and attract the right people at pace and in a repeatable manner across all functions. The second is about embedding the talent and getting it to work for you. They’re both critical and it’s often the second that gets neglected. If it’s ever felt like you’re trying to fill a colander with water, you’ll know what we mean.

A. Assess & Interview
This module will look at –

i.     How to build an assessment framework to help you understand the key qualities and behaviours that makes someone successful in your business. Structured and objective assessment of culture fit as well as skills.
ii.    How you use this framework to get the whole of your leadership team consistently interviewing effectively.
iii.   How to keep rigour in assessment whilst simultaneously positioning the role as highly attractive in an intensely competitive landscape.

B. Management at Scale
This module will look at –

i.    How to create and design an on-boarding experience that can scale with you. One that allows new hires to feel supported and enthused about their journey with you once the honeymoon is over.
ii.   How you train managers and leaders to effectively manage their people – and scale with you.
iii.  How to identify the development needs of your people and execute on a strategy to drive higher performance.

Hear what a CEO who took this module has to say about how it helped him:

"FYXER is an early stage business that has started to experience what it means to scale. We engaged La Fosse to equip us with the management and leadership skills to achieve the growth we are looking for. The training was really thought through and bespoke as they took the time to really understand our business and our specific challenges. It was obvious how much they’ve learnt from scaling their own business and you could really feel the empathy they had for us in every training session. The feedback from the team who went through the training has been extremely positive and they really felt they gained the skills needed to take on more management responsibility. I’d strongly recommend any business at our stage to think about using La Fosse as they scale. The amount we learnt was incredible and we’ll definitely be using La Fosse in the future."

Richard Hollingsworth | CEO and Co-Founder |  FYXER

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