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La Fosse Announces Appointment of Head of Organisational Psychology Victoria Keil

20/04/2018 By James Parker

La Fosse Associates invests in hiring and development capability with appointment of Head of Organisational Psychology Victoria Keil.

Fast-growing Technology, Digital and Change Recruiter La Fosse Associates announces the appointment of Victoria Keil, Head of Organisational Psychology, in an exciting move that deepens its expertise in assessment and brings in innovative hiring methodologies to support their plans for 2018.

Victoria joins La Fosse with a MSc in Organisational Psychology and has significant human resources experience from within FTSE and Fortune 100 companies. Over the course of the last five years, she specialised in recruitment and talent management as a Senior Assessment Psychologist.

At La Fosse, Victoria will focus on building a world-class assessment and selection process.

This will help ensure the business hires the best people and develops them in the best possible way. And an emphasis on assessing values and behaviours, as well as skills, will help the company retain its unique culture as it grows.

“Key for me is to work with people who genuinely want to be the best they can be, and continually strive to achieve this,” says Keil. “La Fosse is forward-thinking enough to invest in this role as they really appreciate its value.”

CEO James Parker said: “Finding and developing exceptional people means we are building a stronger team that works well together. In turn, this means we can better deliver for our clients and further improve our level of candidate care. Victoria's expertise and experience are already proving invaluable and we couldn't be more excited to welcome her to La Fosse"

La Fosse Associates is also offering this expertise to their clients; helping develop their hiring capability and assessment processes, as well as find outstanding candidates for them. Learn more about how we help high-growth businesses with their Talent Strategy Practice. Alternatively you can get in touch with Andrew Richardson.


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