Earlier this month, leaders met for the inaugural La Fosse Architecture Leadership Forum to share insights on driving change from Monolithic to Microservices, with a particular focus on ensuring key stakeholder buy-in.

The session kick-started with Andy Griffin (Director of Client Architecture, Experian) sharing his experience of implementing microservices, along with the insights gained.

This was followed by a discussion between fellow CTOs & Chief Architects around the challenges facing leaders in the space, along with possible solutions.

A few of the morning’s key discussion points were:

The benefits of Microservices vs the challenges of implementation: Microservices promises cost-efficiency, quicker delivery, a warmer relationship with customers, and better way of conceptualising your product offering. However, as a major foundational change, it also presents significant challenges when it comes to implementation and buy-in – how can we mitigate these risks and drive effective change?

The necessity for cultural shift: The all-encompassing nature of the microservices adjustment means there needs to be an emphasis on cultural changes, allowing different factions to communicate with each other and facilitate an agile working environment. How can we integrate different parts of the business with different ways of working, to ensure seamless collaboration?

Stakeholder management: It can sometimes be a struggle to articulate the value of changes whose benefits are ultimately much longer-term than your average city CFO’s five-year tenure. How do we win the mandate to make the changes, and identify the quick wins which will build credibility across the organisation?

Event Feedback:

“A great forum to reduce the gap between technology and business.”

“An excellent ideas incubator.”