Salary Benchmark Report 2024

An in-depth analysis of +4,800 tech roles

Based on data collected from over 4,800 leadership, technology, and change roles managed and placed by La Fosse in the past year, this report details current tech salaries and market trends, providing valuable insights for industry professionals, from HR specialists to tech leaders to job seekers.

Gain insight on:

  • Trends shaping tech specialisms: Understand the shifts and emerging trends across different tech areas.
  • Salary ranges for diverse roles: Gain a comprehensive view of 2024 salaries, from entry-level to C-suite.
  • Understanding salary growth in tech: See how tech salaries have evolved over the past year and what this could mean for the future.
  • Skills and roles in demand: Identify which skills and positions are most sought after in today's tech job market.
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“Accurate salary benchmarking data allows us to make informed decisions at mid and year end and when going to market for talent. Reports like this ensure that our remuneration packages are fair and competitive within the market.”

Kim Irving

Head of Talent at Origin Markets

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