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New to recruitment

Unsure about a career in recruitment?

Hear from some of the La Fosse team on how they saw a real career in recruitment. From not knowing about the recruitment industry to breaking career goals. Challenging the traditionally-held belief that a choice needs to be made between being a caring organisation and an ambitious one, we set out to prove the opposite is true: that a culture with a heart is the most effective way to rapidly grow a great business.

​You don't need to have recruitment experience to join La Fosse. You simply need to be values-led, driven, and commercially-minded.

​​Are you intuitive, good with people and an excellent listener? Have you completed a degree (or not!) but don't necessarily want to go down that route? Technology recruitment could be an excellent career path for you. ​
We are one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies and we’re looking for people with passion, integrity and drive to join our team and create a recruitment company that changes the industry.​

We offer a fun, unique work environment and attract top-talent, drive a great team ethic and establish a collective pride in being one of the best IT recruitment firms in the UK.​

David Roberts, Director of Contract Recruitment

Where can your career go?

Recruitment gives you the opportunity to build something of your own, carve out your career and make your own Monday. David Roberts progressed to become Director of the contract division, and more recently, to Director of futureproof and Digital Outcomes. He won 'Most Inspiring Director' at the Recruitment Investing in Talent Awards. However, Dave started in 2010 as our first ever graduate consultant, and has worked hard to make it to Director.

"I joined as La Fosse Associates’ first graduate in 2010. What really appealed to me was the chance to develop and progress in an exciting, high-performing company. Within a year, I had been promoted, started my own desk, and began building a high-performing team. By 2015, my practice was the most profitable team in the business. Working for a fast-growing company has provided me with a range of career development opportunities, and today, I’m the Director of La Fosse's two innovative service offerings. I'm motivated by the chance to help create a world where the best talent, regardless of background, will build the tech of tomorrow. ​​

See some fun clips of what we get up to!