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La Fosse Event-The Architecture Leadership Forum

La Fosse are delighted to host a new roundtable series:

The Architecture Leadership Forum

The Architecture Leadership Forum is an event group to bring together those at the forefront of the Strategy & Architecture space.

This forum will look at a variety of topics, ranging from the latest technology trends & operational challenges to building high-quality teams & maintaining a culture of excellence. By bringing together like-minded individuals from a host of industries and backgrounds, we intend to facilitate a number of dynamic and valuable discussions.

These regular meetups will provide the foundation for debate and the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.



The first event of the series is:

Monolithic to Microservices – how do we gain support from Technology & Business stakeholders?

Articulating value to stakeholders is a consistent challenge facing architectural leaders – the language used, definitions of success and resources required to execute are all different, as are the timescales to deliver against specific targets. Join your peers to discuss and learn from each other's valuable experiences, and share insights on how to achieve similar goals.

This event will be facilitated by Andy Griffin, Director of Client Architecture at Experian.

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This event is hosted by Ryan Grant:

Ryan joined the Permanent Team in 2016 and specialises in the Architecture space – where he has worked on assignments from CTO & Chief Architect through to Technical & Solution Architects. His experience is cross-sector, but he has a deep knowledge of Insurance & is also driving our Architecture recruitment in Mainland Europe & the USA.


If you are interested in attending this event or learning more, please get in touch with: 



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