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Integration Engineer - Outside IR35

Integration Engineer - Cloud focused - Outside IR35 - Fully Remote - £500 to £550 per day - 6 month initial contract

This contract presents an opportunity for a Cloud focused Integration Engineer to join a growing consultancy business. The Integration Engineer will aid in the consultancy in delivering, building & running high-performance, cost-effective systems integration. In this instance, the Integration Engineer will be working with a new client, on a programme that will deliver a complete modernisation of the client's application landscape.


  • Analysing existing interfaces and building interface catalogues
  • Understanding business requirements and creating interface designs
  • Thorough demonstrable experience with highly secure interface designs
  • Engineering for resilience and performance
  • Extensive understanding of the different technologies used in integration solutions (batch, file, ETL, messaging, event based)
  • Extensive experience with data models, and message models, including versioning to support the iterative evolution of canonical models from known sources over time
  • Extensive experience as an integration developer / engineer
  • Full project lifecycle experience including design, development, testing, defect resolution, deployment, post launch support
  • Strong expertise in using DevOps practices in delivering integration solutions
  • Setting up automation pipelines
  • Automated build, deployment, and testing
  • Package management
  • Test automation using stubs, mocks, harnesses
  • Experience with delivering incremental products using prototyping
  • Breaking down the product into potentially shippable increments
  • Prototyping risky/unknown elements of the solution
  • Building working stubs and mocks to support functionality during early increments
  • Experience building interface harnesses to isolate application functionality for functional testing
  • Demonstrable experience with cloud scale integration architectures
  • Utilising public cloud services to build integration solutions
  • Micro-services
  • Container orchestration
  • API Management
  • Event streaming
  • Eventual consistency patterns
  • Massively scalable
  • Global latency
  • Specific technology experience required
  • Apache / Confluent Kafka
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker / MQ
  • Demonstrable experience working in a large programme delivered using agile project methods
  • Extensive experience with Scrum and Kanban methodologies and with custom agile delivery models utilising best of breed techniques focusing on value and flow
  • Understanding of the standard approaches to scaling agile such as those originally defined by the end client and familiarly with SAFe
  • Experience defining and refining product backlogs
  • Prior experience in a variety of roles involved in the agile delivery process
  • Understanding how to deliver architectural input into agile projects
  • Experience with producing architecture deliverables via an iterative value-driven approach
  • An understanding of how to guide the evolutionary definition of emergent architecture during the delivery process
  • A working understanding of Investment banking
  • Whilst it is not essential to have extensive investment banking sector experience for this role, a good working knowledge of the business model and operations of an investment bank is important
  • Experience with Atlassian tools
  • Experience using wiki's for documentation
  • Experience working as part of a distributed team staying in touch using collaboration tools
  • Audio / Video conferencing - Skype / Skype for business
  • Instant Messaging - Slack / Microsoft Teams

Role Specifics

  • Supplies own IT equipment e.g. Laptop, Office 365 desktop software (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Will be provided with consultancy email address and Office 365 cloud license for Skype, Exchange etc.


For travel to outside the UK and for UK destinations that are further than 1hrs travel time from London, we are able to reimburse travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.