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Head of Product

About role

You will be responsible for being the voice of the customer internally. Reporting into the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) to deliver the roadmap, optimise sprint velocity and ensure their product continues to delight their customers.

As the business grows through its next phase, the management team will evolve. There is potential, if this individual has the relevant breadth of experience, strategic skill set and leadership qualities, that they may be considered as a candidate for a more senior product leadership role in the future.

Role Responsibilities

  • Devise, maintain and communicate the short- and long-term roadmap aligned to the overall company vision - and based on customer input, market dynamics, competitive positioning, strategic fit and timing imperatives.

  • Design and implement user groups and customer councils to build and communicate their value proposition to the market

  • Act as the authoritative voice of their product positioning and product messaging, working closely with Sales and Marketing to ensure that this is faithfully and consistently represented in marketing materials and sales messaging.

  • Partner with the CSO to define the product roadmap, plan sprints and review performance to optimise velocity, quality, and resilience.

  • Regularly present and speak internally and externally as the Product Strategy Leader for the organisation, representing their expertise in KYC and leadership position in the market.

  • Work with, develop and mentor a junior product owner within the team currently.

  • Effectively manage the Senior Leadership team's expectations on timelines and delivery, identifying risks and mitigating actions early.